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Notes from the Board

The school board met on Monday, January 25. Here are highlights from that meeting:

  • Travis reported during the treasurer's report that December was the first month this year we had a negative cash flow. We were predicted to be at a break even point and we are about $480 off.
  • Paulette reported that the new aide for the kindergarten and 3rd grade classes is doing great. She attended ACSI training recently and reported on information she learned. Upcoming expenses associated with accreditation were discussed, one of the greatest being an audit. KCA has never had an audit. Travis will look into an audit. Paulette reported the NAEP testing is scheduled for February 11.
  • Board members reported on their assigned tasks from a previous meeting. Kelly suggested holding one meeting per year, January or July, in a larger facility and have a moderator present to facilitate stakeholder comment time. Barbara reviewed results of a recent survey that was sent to staff, it was aimed at discovering internal issues and possible solutions. Jesse has been working with Nikki Cunningham to get board minutes and agendas posted on our board tab on KCA's website. Mary reported on her suggested changes to the advisory board language in the by-laws and discussed what our intent is for a new prayer council.
  • The by-laws were reviewed by an attorney and several changes were suggested. They are not ready to be approved at this time.
  • Two board members (Jesse and Kelly) were nominated to approach Southside Baptist Church trustees on what options are available for KCA with their Southside's current building.
  • Michael reported we should know in the next few weeks what our rent will be for next year. He expects an 8-12% increase since we did not have an increase last year, and in the past we had an increase in that range.

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, February 16.

Humbly submitted,

Kelly Nickelson


Calendar Items

  • Book Fair 3:30pm-5pm 2/1-2/4
  • 3rd Mid-Quarter 2/1
  • President's Day, Monday, February 15th, no school
  • Early Out, Wednesday, February 24th, 2pm
  • Spring Concert & Art Show Thursday, May 5th venue TBA
  • Spring Play Friday, May 6th - Sunday May 8th venue TBA

A note from Mrs. Eichman

Spirit Week has been a blast! I always enjoy seeing what Saints find to wear for our themed days! I loved wearing scrubs today!! :)

Hopefully you have had time to read and/or listen to the State of the School address. If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at:

Our first 'Better Together' Session will be on Thursday, February 11th. For this time there will be 2 sessions. The sessions are: 4:30pm and 6:00pm. A detailed email will come out with more information concerning these sessions.

Have an amazing weekend!

Opportunity to Serve

All art classes at KCA are welcomed to participate in the "Plurality Love Gift" that we will present to the Community by way of Connie Cushion, the Manager of the Free Thrift Store in Fulton on February 13, 2016.

The purpose of the project is to give of our plurality to those who have need.

Perhaps a Saint has 2 of the same and only needs one. Perhaps they have something useful that is too small or they cannot use any longer. Perhaps they haven't worn or used an item for 6mos to a year and it is simply sitting around, maybe in the way, or being unused. Someone might be very thankful to have it and use it.

Each Saint is encouraged to bring 1-3 items of this nature to the Art Room by February 10th, when we will prepare Hearts of Love on Card Stock with Zen-tangle and Calligraphy to bless all those at Fulton's Free Thrift Store who browse the items. We feel privileged to be able to have to give.


God's richest blessings upon You and Your Family,

Mrs. Angela M. Weeks, Daughter of God

KCA Saints Art Educator K-6 & 7/8 Elective Class