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A Weekly Newsletter for Warrior Families and Students

November 20, 2020

Greetings Warrior Families and Friends,

As we look ahead to next week and the long awaited time of Thanksgiving, I hope everyone truly takes some time to reflect on everything for which there is to be thankful. While there is still much uncertainty and many unwanted changes, there is still so much to be grateful for. Be intentional and celebrate it. Take time in the coming week to let those you love know you appreciate them. Share with someone special how much you care. Finally, take a moment to reflect on all the good we do have rather than lament on the struggles or the things we wish we had.

Every day I walk our halls I am reminded just how fortunate we are to be a part of this amazing community. Every day I have the privilege of hearing our staff talk about their genuine care for EVERY student. We have a staff that believes in every kid and works tirelessly to ensure every student is on a path to become their best self. I can’t say enough how grateful I am for the amazing staff we have here at MHS. If you feel the same, perhaps you can take a moment over the break and send a kind message to one of them. Perhaps have your student write an email to their favorite teacher or a staff member that has made a difference. As Warriors, we have the ability to lift each other to new heights and make a difference for someone that may need a boost.

In addition, I continue to be amazed and inspired by our students in our classrooms and our co-curricular opportunities. Seriously, they are awesome! From countless service activities like blood drives, toy drives, writing get-well cards to kids in hospitals, sending Thank You’s to our veterans, our students want to make our world a better place. I am amazed by the incredible accomplishments of our student athletes who just finished up one of the most successful fall seasons in our school history. Huge congratulations to our girls swimming and diving team on their 3rd place finish in the state meet, our best ever finish! Also, congratulations to our football program on their 3rd consecutive undefeated season and STATE CHAMPIONSHIP (with an asterisk for 2020). Additionally, they own the longest winning streak in the state!

Honestly, we have amazing students! Whether it be those students managing the challenges of virtual learning to protect loved ones or those who walk our halls every day, amidst all of this chaos, change, and uncertainty, our students continue to rise up and show us what it means to be a Warrior. I will continue to do my best to let each and every one of our students know how proud I am of them and how thankful I am for how they are taking on these challenging times. I hope you will do the same.

Enjoy this next week and remember to be thankful.


Todd Irvine

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Semester changes to Student(s) Tier 1 Learning Environment

For the next semester, at the middle and high school level, parents/guardians have the option of switching their child(ren)'s Tier 1 learning environment from virtual to in-person, or vice versa. Only families interested in switching their child's learning environment will need to complete the survey, which will be coming on Monday, November 30, 2020.

Please review the COVID-19 Reentry Planning documents and Learning Plans on the district website (https://www.muskegonorway.org/about/mns-learning-plans.cfm) and consult as a family regarding the intent to switch your child(ren)'s learning environment prior to completing the survey, which will once again come out on November 30, 2020. The survey will need to be completed by NOON ON DECEMBER 10, 2020. Again, there is no need to complete this form if parents are interested in having their child(ren) remain in his/her current Tier 1 learning environment. Thank you for your attention to this detail.

Chromebook Troubleshooting Document

During our virtual days next week, your students might run into some technology issues with their Chromebooks. Linked here is a troubleshooting document with steps to take before asking a teacher for more help. If you try all of these things and are still having problems, a teacher will direct your students where to get help.

Student Council Annual Food Drive

Hello MHS, my name is Julia Davis and I am the Community Events representative for Student Council! Our annual food drive is from Monday, November 30th through Friday, December 4th. This competition takes place between all first hour classes, and if you don't have a first hour PLEASE still encourage your students to bring in canned and boxed goods!

The prize for the winning first hour will most likely be donuts or treats that are pre-wrapped and covid-friendly! Thank you for your participation in the food drive every year.

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BLUE Days - November 23rd and 24th:

  • Reminder that details for the learning activities for each class can be found on the rolling agenda for each class.

  • These can be found by clicking on the profile link found on the Staff Directory and Teacher Websites.

  • Additionally, several important Academic and Career Planning (ACP) activities have been planned for these two days. All of the activities have been designed to be accessed flexibly to help students and families make their schedules work.

  • Attendance for these two days will be based on student’s completion of the learning activities at a time that works best for them.

  • Thank you for your support to make the most of these learning opportunities as we work to stay safe so we can stay open.

Student Services Virtual Learning Workshops

November 23rd and 24th are scheduled to be virtual learning days for MHS students. Students will be given virtual lessons from their teachers. All students will also be provided with an activity in Xello that allows them to create their own self-care plan. During these two days, Student Services will also be offering virtual workshops for juniors and seniors and one all-grade virtual-student social workshop. Junior and Senior students were previously sent a survey regarding topics they were interested in. We have offered a variety of times and are encouraging 11th and 12th-grade students to participate in as many workshops as they would like to, but recommend a minimum of two. Workshop topics and times can be found here. All students were emailed the details and directions for these lessons and workshops.


The ACT is postponing the section-only testing that was planned to start this September in order to increase testing capacity for those who need to take the full ACT test. At this time, ACT is planning for section retesting to be available later in 2021 but will continue to monitor the impacts of COVID-19 on test center capacity to prioritize safe and equitable access to testing.

Please see the dates below. Registration deadlines are well in advance of the test date: Register Here

PLEASE NOTE: All juniors will take the ACT during the school day on March 9th. Students will register at school as a group.

ACT Prep opportunities may be found here

SAT- If you are interested in taking the SAT, registration information may be found here.

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Spanish National Honor Society News

We offer Spanish tutoring to all Spanish students in the high school year-round. We also are currently buying Christmas gifts for children in Mexico which feels super rewarding because they usually don't receive anything for Christmas.

Warrior's Warehouse ONLINE SALE!

15% Off Online Purchases with Code: HOHOHO2020

Black Friday through Cyber Monday *11/27-11/30/2020


Winter overnight parking restrictions in Muskego begin December 1st. This means that no vehicles may be parked on city streets between 3-7am. While the goal of this ordinance is to make sure the roads are clear or plow crew, it is enforced regardless of weather or road conditions. You can contact the police department to receive limited permission to park on the road, on a day-by-day basis, however, permission can and will be denied if bad weather is expected.

You can reach the Muskego Police Department at 262-679-4130

When and How to Notify MNS About COVID-19



COVID-19 Symptom or Status Notification


Waukesha County Health Department and County Executive are reporting their highest positive cases to date and are reaching their capacity with contact tracing efforts (see the Waukesha County letter and Waukesha County's COVID-19 website). Our school district has also seen an increase in the number of students and staff isolations due to a positive test result and quarantines due to a close contact. This has resulted in more students having to transition to temporary distance learning. The wide community spread in Waukesha County continues to negatively impact student and staff absences in our schools which may force additional classrooms or a full school to transition to temporary distance learning. While we work to control transmissions in our schools through our commitment to mitigation measures and contact tracing, events and gatherings outside of school still impact our case data. As families, you can help ensure that we are able to offer in-person learning in our schools by limiting unnecessary interactions that result in increased transmission of the virus. With the upcoming holidays, please consider your plans. Staff, students, and families who are in-person need your help to ensure schools remain open for as long as possible. We need to all work together to make this a reality.

As a reminder, should we need to transition students to temporary distance learning, the decision would likely occur without much advanced warning. Therefore, please have a back-up plan ready. Also, remember to use the Daily Checklist for Families each day and keep sick children home so as not to create a potential outbreak at school that may cause a classroom, a school, or the district to move to temporary distance learning. For updates, please review the Parent Reentry FAQ and Learning Plans available on our website.

We are grateful for your partnership! Thank you for doing your part as we work to Stay Safe to Stay Open!

MNS Events Spectators Information

Our schools continue to be open and our curricular co-curricular activities are operational under our local health department guidelines. However, it is important to draw our families' attention to an overriding principle. Although we love to see our whole community at each of our district's events; during this unprecedented time, we are asking our families to operate under a singular school community and singular family mindset when attending events. Essentially, keeping each school's events to just that school's clientele and only the families with active participants or performers in the event.

- Host School (Home) Fans Only - Through the Holidays

- Visitors from other communities will not be permitted to enter our facility

- MHS Immediate family members only (those listed in our student management system)

- School Community ONLY = Only students attending events are students who attend school at the facility. No multi-grade level events. There will be no student spectators in attendance through the holidays.

We recognize that many of our students' support systems are their family members and it means a great deal to our students to have their closest advocates in attendance supporting their athletic, musical, and leadership endeavors. We are excited to see our students in their winter season performances, competitions, and school community-building events! (For additional information: MNS Non-Essential Spectators @ Events - Winter Season)