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September 17, 2016

Why is my child's backpack empty?

What’s in your backpack?

It’s empty today.
Where’s your work?
Did you just play?

When I built with blocks,
I learned about shapes.
I balanced and shared –
Our skyscraper was great.

I played in the play house
And talked with my friends.
I put on a play with puppets
And wore masks to pretend.

In science, I observed,
Guessed, and experimented, too.
The same things grown-up
Scientists do.

Art was messy.
I created and explored.
I solved my own problem
When I spilled glue on the floor.

My fingers got a work out
With puzzles and clay.
Those same muscles
Will help me write one day.

I counted and sorted and

And measured, too.
I used my brain
Like a math whiz would do!

Out on the playground
I ran like the wind.
I learned to take turns
And helped a hurt friend.

Story time is what
I always like best.
I can use my imagination
And give my body a rest.

I sang and danced -
Learned a finger play, too.
I answered questions
and said, "please,” and, “thank you.”

There will be time
for worksheets and tests,
But talking and playing
Are how I learn best.

I love to go to school.
I’m glad I’m me.
An empty backpack
Means I’m learning, you see!

(adapted from a poem by Dr. Jean)

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