Identity Theft!

Brittany Smithey

What Is Identity Theft?

When your personal information ia stolen and used without your consent or permission it is called identity theft. Identity theft can destroy your finances, credit history, and even your reputation. It would take alot of time and patience to resolve the issue of identity theft. Usually it takes alot of money too.

How Do You Know Your Information Was Stolen?

There are mutiple ways to notice your identity was stolen. Make sure you keep your information safe so that way you don't have your identity stolen.

1. You don't get your bills and other mail including e-mail.

2. You see money taken from your bank that you didn't spend.

3. Merchants or chashiers won't take your checks.

4. You find other accounts and charges on your credit report you didn't make.

5. The IRS will notify you that you are getting cash or checks from an unknown employer that you don't or haven't worked with.

6. The IRS notifies you that you have more than one tax return in your name.

7. Even health related things will get rejected.

8. There are even more ways to know your identity has been stolen.

How Do You Keep Your Personal Information Safe and Secure?


1. Lock your documents and records in a safe place while at home.

2. Lock your wallets and/or purse in a safe place while at work.

3. When businesses ask for any of your personal information ask why they need it.

4. Destroy labels on medicine bottles before trashing them.

5. Shred receipts, credit applications, insurance forms, physical statements, checks, bank statements, and any other important documents you don't need or use anymore.


1. Make sure you know who you are giving your personal information to.

2. Before getting rid of an old computer or laptop make sure you get rid of all the personal information it holds.

3. Make sure you use a wipe utility to wipe all the information out of the computer so no one can get your information.

4. Keep your browser's secure.

5. You can encrypt the website or anything you are wanting to keep secure.

6. Make sure you use strong passwords whenever you are on a laptop, bank accounts, social accounts, memberships, credit accounts, and any other site that involves a password and username or email.

How Can Someone Steal Your Identity?

They can go to any website you use or any social network you use and get your password and slowly steal your identity. They can get into your mailbox and get all your information without you even noticing. They can also find your personal information in documents or at your work office, or any place you have personal information at. Just be sure to keep all your information secure.

What To Do If Your Identity Is Stolen?

Immediately :

1. File an Initial Fraud Report.

2. Find your credit reports.

3. Create an identity theft report.


1. Moniter your phone calls and phone history, postal mail, documents, and deadlines.