Kennedy 5/6 Combo Class

January 23, 2015

Report Cards

Report cards for the second marking period were sent home today with the students. I was very proud of the number of students in my class who improved their grades. In most cases, this is because those students decided to put more time and effort into their assignments. If your child's grades are not were you feel they should be, often it is because assignments are not completed or are completed in a rush. The practice that homework provides makes completing projects and passing tests much easier.

If you have questions or concerns regarding your child's grade, please contact me. If you feel it is needed, we can set up an early conference to make sure your child is successful during the remainder of the year.

Morrice Elementary Positive Behavior System

Sometimes there is confusion over the system we use at Morrice Elementary for behavior management. It is called a positive behavior system because we try to notice and reward good behaviors. We also often call it our SOAR system--SOAR stands for Safety, Ownership, or being responsible, Allowing learning, and Respect. Students can receive SOAR awards when teachers or other staff notice them doing things that show they SOAR. Staff can also give students positive office referrals when they go above and beyond the normal expectations. In addition, at the end of each month, we have a big orange ticket contest where classrooms are recognized for SOARing.

We also have consequences for students who are not practicing SOARing behaviors. A Time-to-think form is a formal warning given to students when they are not following rules and procedures. Office referrals are given when students have committed a more serious offense or if they have more than three time-to-think forms in a marking period. Office referrals generally come with a consequence, such as a silent lunch.


The sixth graders have spent time this week going back over the concepts on the Unit Four test. Many of them did not do well the first time. So we have been relearning the concepts and practicing better study habits. Students who needed to took a retake on Thursday. This score is averaged with their original score. We have also started Unit Five, where we will be learning properties of angles, angle relationships, properties of polygons, and graphing using a coordinate grid.

The fifth graders took the test over Unit Five on Monday. This unit included equivalent fractions, converting between improper fractions and mixed numbers, and adding fractions with like denominators. We started Unit Six this week, too. Students will be learning about organizing data, using landmark numbers such as the mean, median, and mode, and making graphs. They will also continue to work with fractions during this unit.


During our whole-class lessons this week, we have been practicing using context clues to find meanings of new words. We also worked on determining which details are important and which are just interesting when reading an informational article or book.

We have continued working in our literature circles as well. Two groups began the book Holes by Louis Sachar. Another group started reading an informational book about extreme sports. The other fifth grade book is still reading Number the Stars, and the sixth graders are almost finished with the book Hoot. The sixth graders will be taking a final test on Hoot next week. The test will include vocabulary and reading comprehension questions.


This week we started a real essay! Instead of focusing on a New Year’s Resolution we focused on a third marking period resolution. Students are to write an introductory paragraph, two body paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph. We took notes on exactly what needs to be included in each paragraph. I then introduced the rubric as to how students will be graded. The rough draft is due on Monday. Next week we will have peer reviews, with the final copy being due on Friday.

Social Studies

The fifth graders did an information swap this week so everyone could gather information about all three colonial regions. They will be writing a letter to persuade another colonist to move to their region by comparing and contrasting it with another region. We will begin writing the first draft of the letters in the classroom. They also have a map of the thirteen original colonies that they need to label and color. Completed maps are due on Monday for group B and on Tuesday for group A.

The sixth graders have been reviewing the structure of the United States government and learning about the structure of Canada's government. They will be applying this information by writing an essay to compare and contrast the two governments. We will be working in class to start a first draft and to revise and edit. Final drafts will be due on January 29 for group A and on January 30 for group B.


​​6th grade science- We are finishing up the moon portion of our solar system unit and taking our test on it. We will be moving on to talk about gravity and relative size.

5th grade- We are working on our new unit of the Earth's systems. We have identified what they are and what is included in each. Ask your child to tell you about them.

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