2016! What Will the New Year Bring?

Happy New Year from Kaye Reviere, your doTERRA Silver.

My prayer for you...

I pray you are blessed in a mighty way in 2016 and that you recognize each blessing as it arrives.

We are expecting a grandchild in June. This child will be the first for my son and daughter-in-law who live in Nashville. I expect to be burning up the road from Kingwood to Nashville. My husband and I are planning to walk the Nashville 1/2 marathon in late April. That means I need to attack my weight so I don't have to carry as much of me up and down those hills and get my walking up to speed.

Texas Essential Oil Boom

I am happy to have you on my doTERRA team. Please contact me if I can help you choose a product or help you build your doTERRA business.

BTW that is me with my husband. We celebrate our 41st wedding anniversary this month.

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Why Fractionated Coconut Oil? Now with a New Lid!!!

I use FCO every day! All day! Here is my day with FCO.

I start the day pulling FCO before I brush my teeth. Rub it on the dry winter skin on my legs after my shower. Put it on under my makeup. Treat my grandson's constipation. Dilute oils before using them on my grandkids or pets. Remove my mascara at the end of the day. Dot at the corner of my eyes before I go to sleep.

Here is why...

  1. It slows down the absorption of the essential oils into the tissues and avoids tissue sensitivities and also overwhelming our pets with too fast absorption.
  2. It keeps the oils from dissipating into the air as fast and enables more of the oils to be absorbed into the skin.
  3. Fractionated Coconut Oil does not go rancid as all other carrier oils can and do. Rancid oils may produce damaging chemicals and substances that may not make you immediately ill, but can cause real harm over time.
  4. It will not clog skin pores as other carrier oils do.
  5. It is nourishing to the skin.
  6. It combines better than any other carrier oil with essential oils as it has had some of the fatty acids removed.
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Here is our sweet dog, Juneau...


Yes, you can use your essential oils on your pets. Here is my favorite website for information on how to use the oils for animals.

Caution! Do not use citrus oils on your cats.

Regent Care Hand Massages

Monday, Jan. 11th, 9:45-11am

23775 Kingwood Place Drive


Please join us if you are nearby. We will be blessed by giving hand massages to the residents of Regent Care Nursing Home. Come if you can spend an hour listening, smiling, and valuing an elderly person.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

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You can help give your enrollees $100... You could win a storage box.

What a great way to start the New Year! Help your friends and family get $100 in free oil. You need to plan and register your events now so you can offer this free gift. Those who enroll with 100pv in January and place a 100pv LRP in February will receive 100 FREE product points! I love this enrollment special! This is a great time to share doTERRA! You start this ball rolling: Schedule a class. Register your class with doTERRA. Give the "code" to your enrollees who enroll within 3 days of your registered class. PLEASE send me the dates of your registered events. I will enter you in a drawing for a FREE doTERRA oil storage box for each event you schedule and email me your dates and code. kreviere@gmail.com


Moods, Emotions and Essential Oils "New Year New You Event" 10:30 and 6:30

Thursday, Jan. 14th, 10:30am-6:30pm

4400 Bens View Lane


A lot has happened in the world of Essential Oils in the area of Moods and Emotions. Come hear our doTERRA diamonds speak on this topic. Roxy Saran will present the 10:30 am class and Nicole Vincent will teach the evening class. Come find out how to best use your Essential Oils to manage moods and emotions. These two leaders are dynamic speakers with a wealth of knowledge about Essential Oils. You don't want to miss these classes!

We will offer a FREE Emotions spray Make n Take. Be sure to RSVP so we have enough materials at this event for you to Make n Take your bottle of spray with you.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

RECIPE Spearmint Foot Soak

10 cups of Hot Water

1/3 cup Epsom Salt

10 drops Spearmint Essential Oil

5 drops Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Soak feet for 30 minutes. ENJOY!

Here is the link to the doTERRA Product Guide

Check out this link to the product guide. It can help you get the most from the oils you have on hand.

The App Store

Modern Essential is a great app which will help you find multiple uses for each oil. It is priced at $6.99. It is worth every penny. Here is my SECRET. When you text me with a health concern...The first thing I do is check this app before I respond. Yep. I know I don't know everything about oils and I KNOW my memory could be better (try Cypress topically for memory). I count on this app.
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Congratulations to Maaike del Villar! You won the Multilevel box drawing for December enrollments.