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May 4, 2015

Great Community, Great Schools

Bryan Adams Feeder Teacher Appreciation

Feeder Celebrations & Events

  • BA Belles spring Show
  • BA & Teaching Trust
  • BA Biology Boot Camp
  • Congratulations Gaston Student Alan Palacios
  • Bryan Adams Senior Kati Nash Standout Student
  • Poet Mike Gunn Visits Hill MS
  • Career Day at Gill
  • District Wide Chess Tournament at Hexter
  • Kiest Family Fun Night

Upcoming Events:

  • Climate Survey, please complete by May 6th
  • Junior League Grants due May 18, 2015
  • Bryan Adams Career Day May 21st from 9:00 - 11:30 Seeking Volunteers
  • Destination BA - May 6th at Hill MS
  • BA Feeder Teacher Focus Group - 7th
  • Hexter 5K 7 1k Run - May 9th
  • Feeder Pattern Recruitment

Links for Feeder Use:

  • BA Roaring Readers Volunteer Link

Dear Bryan Adams Feeder Teachers,

It is an honor to write a special note of appreciation to you. I have been extremely proud of our feeder pattern growth and development this year. Our 12 schools, serving 10,000 students, are growing stronger each month because of your dedication and hard work. Here are a few things I am especially grateful for:

  • Thank you for taking time to plan lessons that are relevant and rigorous.
  • Thank you for leading learning in fun and engaging ways.
  • Thank you for stem-focused projects, balanced literacy, and of course, for remembering strong, aligned LOs and DOLs daily.
  • Thank you for studying student data to differentiate and support all learner needs.
  • Thank you for engaging in feedback conversations to continually improve your craft.
  • Thank you for meeting with parents, leading clubs and attending events to support well-rounded student development.
  • Thank you for challenging and inspiring students by believing in them when they may doubt themselves.
  • Thank you for holding high expectations for students and teaching the importance of striving for excellence.
  • Thank you for leading after school tutoring and Saturday school.
  • Thank you for attending job fairs and helping recruit and retain colleagues.
  • Thank you for being innovators and problem-solvers.
  • Thank you for carefully and thoughtfully preparing the foundation for our students as they become our future surgeons, architects, engineers, artists, scientists, writers, teachers, parents, and politicians.

Please know that your contributions are noticed and significant. Research is clear that the classroom teacher is the most important person impacting student academic success. This means that your work determines the future of our community, state and country. The quality of national security, global economy, health care/wellness, and certainly inspiration and hopefulness rests in your hands to nourish and develop through our students. Thank you for embracing this immense responsibility with such grace and optimism.

Jolee Healey

Bryan Adams Feeder

Executive Director


BA Belles Spring Show - A Huge Success!

Thank you to Ms. Solorio and Ms. Anguiano for leading our Belles in an outstanding spring performance. The program was exciting, entertaining and beautifully choreographed with so many creative costume changes. All 300+ dance students participated. The Hanging Tree performance was stunning. Great job, Cougars!

Bryan Adams High School & Teaching Trust

Congratulations to Bryan Adams High School for completing a year-long partnership with Teaching Trust. The won second place for their ending project and $1,500. Five other schools in our feeder pattern have applied to participate in the Teaching Trust Teams program next year.

Bryan Adams High School Biology Boot Camp

Thanks to the 291 students for attending Biology study sessions and to their dedicated teachers for planning engaging review activities and supporting learning through after school tutoring. Best of luck on the Biology EOC this week! Another TEA Distinction is on the way!

Congratulations Gaston Student for DISD Academic Pentathlon

Congratulations to Gaston 7th grader Alan Palacios. He placed 1st in Literature and 3rd in Math at the DISD Academic Pentathlon.

Poet Mike Gunn visits Hill Middle School

Ms. Rodriguez, our librarian, had a Celebration of Reading, Celebrating DIA, Day of the Child, Day of the Week, on Wednesday, April 29th in the Library. Mike Gunn, popular poet, from the Dallas/Fort Worth Area came to perform some of his poetry and speak to our students. The morning ended with a distribution of books for our students.

Bryan Adams Senior Kati Nash - Standout students: Sometimes the toughest lessons are learned outside the classroom -

Text from Lakewood Bubblelife:

For better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, no matter what, Bryan Adams High School senior Kati Nash is going to college. Growing up in a single-parent home, Nash is no stranger to financial struggle, which is why she is determined to earn a college degree to create a better life for herself. “It used to make me so upset,” Nash recalls, “because we had no money and all this stuff that needed to be fixed and paid off. We’ve always needed more than we have — not wanted more, needed more.”

During her senior year, Nash wanted two things: to be a cheerleader, which she accomplished and then funded by working part-time for East Dallas sculptor Frances Bagley, and to be accepted to college.

“Neither one of my parents went to college,” Nash explains, “and that’s why I’m pushing so hard to go to college. It’s always been my dream. My whole family has known that, although I don’t know if they knew that I was serious.”

As soon as her senior year began, Nash was the first one in the college prep room applying to as many schools as possible, says Amina Igen, the college advisor at Bryan Adams. “She would come every lunch period, to the point where her teacher allowed her to be in here during her fourth period,” Igen says. “She applied to seven schools. She applied to FAFSA [Federal Student Aid]. Everything about her is very focused and determined.”

Nash doesn’t have a lot of family support for her college dreams, says Laterica White, a counselor at Bryan Adams. “She struggles a lot with family dynamics,” White says — particularly of jealously from family members who didn’t go to college. “But I think it made her more driven.”

Nash began the school year full of vigor. Once she figured out how to navigate the college and scholarship application system, she also began assisting Igen during fourth period by helping other students apply for college, Igen says. At times Nash even encouraged students who otherwise might not have applied. “She’s very respected by her peers,” Igen points out.

“I’ve lost people, but it’s never been family members all at once. It has been really hard.”

But at the time, Nash had no idea what kind of year was coming down the pike.

At the beginning of the school year, Nash found out she has Type 1 Diabetes. She missed a lot of school, but she didn’t let the accompanying sickness keep her down for long.

She continued working for Bagley to pay for her senior expenses and even pitch in with expenses at home like bills or rent, and she managed to keep up her grades as well.

Then her grandfather was diagnosed with cancer in early 2014, and doctors gave him six to eight months to live.

Nash was close to her grandfather, who also lived in East Dallas, and she visited him frequently before and during his battle with cancer to take care of him and play with his dog, or just hangout and talk. Nobody’s perfect but, in Nash’s opinion, he was as close to the perfect grandfather as a man could be. When he exceeded the doctor’s time limit, his grandchildren grew hopeful. “He would end up in the hospital and it would scare us so bad,” Nash recalls. “We’d be like, ‘Oh my gosh, this might be the day.’ It was really stressful.”

He took a turn for the worse around Thanksgiving. When he began losing weight, the doctors told Nash and her family that he probably wasn’t going to pull through.

“That’s when I stopped going to school,” Nash says. “I would skip school to stay home and help take care of him because everybody worked.” Nash had already missed several school days because of her illness, and now the missed days were starting to pile up.

In February, a week before her 18th birthday, Nash called her mother when school let out. Her mom didn’t answer. When her mother finally called back, Nash said she wanted to see her grandfather.

“She said, ‘You can’t,’ and I said, ‘Tell me what’s going on. I want to see him.’ And she said, ‘Kati, he just died.’ I was crying already, and I just started crying even harder.”

Nash had to miss two more days of school for her grandfather’s funeral. During the funeral, Nash’s dad called with more bad news: Her cousin had died in a car wreck.

“All the cousins on my dad’s side are really close,” Nash explains.

When Nash returned to school after her grandfather’s funeral, she told her teachers that she had yet another funeral to attend. The school almost didn’t let her miss school for her cousin’s funeral because she had missed so many days of school already, but Nash desperately wanted to be with her family. “I’ve lost people, but it’s never been family members all at once,” Nash says. “It has been really hard.”

Her friends — all with the best intentions — kept telling her their stories of loss, but Nash was emotionally spent and wanted to be anywhere but at school. She had missed so much, however, that instead of taking some time off to recoup, she had to make up dozens of hours worth of missed time if she was going to graduate on time.

“She almost didn’t graduate this year because she spent so much time out of school,” says Shelby Lott, the community liaison with Bryan Adams High School.

Reeling from the loss and the snowball of missed school days, Nash briefly considered not going to college and moving to Malakoff, Texas, to be with her dad’s family to help take care of her cousin’s young daughter.“I thought I wanted to be down there with them,” she says. “But then it hit me: No, you’ve got all this stuff going with college. If I move to be with them, I won’t do it. If I move down there, I’ll be miserable. It’s a trap.”

She dropped out of cheer and track and threw herself into making up for missed time. She had to coordinate with each of her teachers by being at school early or staying late — whenever her teachers were available and willing to meet with her.

“I haven’t been able to focus on any extracurricular activities because of my family and because I’ve been doing college stuff,” she explains. “I got to the point where I decided, ‘I don’t care about anything else. I want to get my college stuff done. I want to get through high school, and I want to leave.’ ” In March Nash fulfilled her final make-up hours. Even better than that, she received an early admittance scholarship as well as an academic scholarship to Prairie View A&M, where she plans to study psychology and then go on to law school.

“My life-long dream is to be a judge,” she says. “I want to be someone who helps people.”

White, who works with hundreds of students who are struggling through difficult home lives, insists she’s never met anyone like Nash. “She’s exceptional,” she says. “I’ve never met a student with her drive. She’s so focused and driven.”Igen has a similar opinion: “She has been through a lot, and I think that’s what drives her.”

Career Day at Gill Elementary

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Hexter Host DISD Chess Tournament

It was a historic day Saturday for the Hexter chess club tourney. With 103 players from all over the metroplex completing 515 games of chess, Hexter swept the K-3 division with a first ever 1, 2, 3 finish in the individual standings.

In the 4-5 Grade section, it was more success as the kids won a hard-earned 2nd place team trophy in a tough competition.

Thanks to parents, Coach Perkison, and Ms. Young - Librarian Extraordinaire!

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Kiest Family Fun Night

Up Coming Events

Climate Survey

Friday, April 24th, 8am to Thursday, May 7th, 5pm

All Feeder Schools

Faculty & Staff members, please remember to complete the climate survey for your campus. We appreciate your feedback and want to show our Cougar Pride with a high completion rate!

Junior League of Dallas offering Grants for Innovative Teaching

Grants for Innovative Teaching is a Signature Project of the Junior League of Dallas. Its purpose is to encourage and support excellence in teaching by awarding grants up to $2,000 to Dallas ISD teachers for special and innovative projects that otherwise would not be provided for in school budgets. Since its creation in the 1991-1992 year, Grants for Innovative Teaching has awarded over one million dollars to Dallas ISD teachers.

The deadline for 2015-2016 applications is May 18, 2015 at 5:00 p.m. Check out the link below:

Bryan Adams Career Day Seeking Volunteers to Participate

Bryan Adams HS will be hosting our annual Career Day on Thursday, May 21st, 2015 from 9:00am- 11:30am and we are still seeking volunteers to participate.

Your participation is what makes this day eventful for our students!

Career Presentations:

Presentations will begin in the morning around 9:00 until about 11:30 a.m. Volunteers and participants will present to students according to the schedule. Sessions should last about 30 minutes with 10 minutes Q & A and five minutes change/prep time between presentations. Most presenters will remain in the same classroom and the students will rotate to the presenters. Class sizes are typically 19 – 30 students. Most classrooms have technology available should you need technology to present your career lesson. If you are interested and or if you know of anyone who may be interested please indicate below. If you cannot stay the duration of Career Day (9:00 – 11:30 ) please indicate the times you are available.

Presentations may include:

  • Description of the nature of your job/profession
  • Training/Education required
  • Activities of a “typical day”
  • Why did you select your current career?
  • Share information about your career/field
  • Answer students questions
  • Hand-Outs and/or giveaways for students are welcomed, but not necessary
  • Hands-On activities to peak student interest are also welcomed, but not necessary (i.e. “props” samples of your work related to your career and/or include an activity representative of your career)


Volunteers and participants will have an orientation/breakfast in the media center (library) beginning at 8:00 a.m

If you are interested in participating, please complete the DISD volunteer form here: and contact either Bryan Adams Counselor- Stephenie Givens ( or Bryan Adams Community Liaison- Shelby Lott (

Main Office: 972-502-4900 – Counselor’s Office: 972-502-4925 or 972-502-5038 – Fa

Destination Bryan Adams - DBA @ Hill MS

Wednesday, May 6th, 6:30pm

505 Easton Rd

Dallas, TX

Bryan Adams Teacher Focus Group

Thursday, May 7th, 4:30pm

2101 Millmar Drive

Dallas, TX

Kiest Elementary Family Movie Night

Friday, May 8th, 6pm

2611 Healey Dr

Dallas, TX

Run for Dreams 5K & 1M Fun Run to support Hexter Family

Saturday, May 9, 2015 in Dallas, TX at Trinity Skyline Trail

5K Run/Walk at 9:00 AM

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