Goldfields Life

By Lisa

Different types of Mining

The different Types of mining includes Alluvial mining,when you have to pan for gold while washing out the gravel and dirt from the pan.

Shaft mining includes teamwork.Teamwork is compulsary for your safety and work.One person is selected to be lowered using a windlass,down a hole one metre wide and ten metres deep.You can earn more gold that you would earn in Alluvial mining.

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You must have a permit to Find gold in Australia . The Tools include


You need a Pan or a Cradle as your most important tool. You also need a shovel to Take Gravel and Dirt and put it into the pan / Cradle. You need a sieve to pour the dirt and gravel into after you pour the water into the pan. The sieve will keep the gold and pour out the other contents.


It is compulsory to collect a group of miners to perform Shaft mining. You need a bucket to collect the gold. You also need a shovel to dig the hole that is 10 metres deep and 1 metre wide. You also need a pickaxe to take the gold and to mine your way to the surface.

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Chinese on the Goldfields

Thousands of Chinese came to Ballarat to test their luck.The other miners were being racist because the Chinese worked harder and were more luckier.

Women on the Goldfields

There were about 160,000 Women attending the Ballarat Goldrush.Women were expected to be better as the fairer gender, so women were constantly warned that the men would take advantage of them.

Life on the Goldfields