Different Democracys'

The 3 democracys' from the USA,Greece,and Rome!

Just Starting

The democracy of this world comes in different forms such as representative and direct. All of these show how they are different between these countries: USA, Greece, and Rome. They all run different governments and laws that are sometimes very harsh on people. The democracy's of this world are all very different.

Democracy of Greece and Rome!

Greece: *Voted for people too lead them.

*Had strict laws.

*Women had little or no say.

Rome: *Elected officials to govern them.

*Only in office 1 year, limited power in government.

*Little or no say at all.

*Dictators only led 6 months.

USA's Democracy Today!

USA: *Free of speech, expressing opinions.

*Elects people to represent them.

*Free country!

*Not strict laws.

The branches of Rome and the USA!

Rome: Senate ---> Assemblies and Tribunes ---> Magistrates ---> Senate

USA: Legislative ---> Judicial ---> Executive ---> Legislative

People of Greece and the USA!

Greece: *Person who owns land.

* Can express his opinion

* Had had to attend assemblies, sometimes forced.

USA: * Person who owns land

* Free of speech

* Have to be 18 to vote in government.

The Wrap it All Up!

After reading my flyer, you should see the differences between both the democracy's. The one we live in today is probably the best out of those 3 countries. I hope it stays in its way forever without changing at all! The Roman and Greece governments are more harsh than the US's government. But most importantly, give us our freedom.