World war 2

Ravensbrück concentration camp

Location of Ravensbrück concentration camp

Ravensbrück was a woman's concentration camp during world war 2, it is located northern Germany, 56 mi from Berlin and near the village of Ravensbrück.

When the camp came around

The came around or started construction in November 1938 and finished in May 1939. There was about 130,000 woman the past there the camp. There was about 40,000 polish, 26,000 Jewish people. The was between 15,000 and 30,000 of total survived.

The deaths of Ravenbrück concentration camp

Many of the people where killed by starvation, beating, tutor, hanging and even shooting. The woman that where to weak to work were transferred to the gas chambers in uckermark " youth camp" and other were kill by lethal injection or untell they died from weakness or illness.

Ravensbrück experiment

  1. There where more than 74 metrical experiments done at Ravensbrück. Some ranging to removing limbs to giving people viruses and lethal bacteria. People had new we opens tried on them and many did not survival.

After the war

The us and other Allie country's came the the camps and saw and some where heart broken and wonder who can do this kind of thing. They feed them and cared for them but some where to sick and over worked they would not survive.

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