Gay Marriage

Gavin Barcus

Interest Groups

Interest Groups Thoughts

American Family Association- They are a Christian-based group who thinks that gay marriage is wrong and should be illegal.

Human Rights Campaign- They are a group that sides with the lesbians and gays and thinks that gay marriage should be allowed.

My Point Of View- I side with the AFA and think that gay marriage is wrong and should be made illegal.

Reasons I Think It Is Wrong

  • Gay Marriage is not marriage because it is not marriage. Marriage has always been between a man and a women. You cannot just call it marriage and it suddenly turn into that. Especially when those two things are nothing alike.
  • A couple who wishes to have a child firstly cannot, and then if they adopt that child will grow up deprived of either a mother or father.
  • Gay Marriage turns a moral wrong into a civil right. For most people we would not go up and kiss someone of the same gender, it is not moral for most people. If it is allowed then you could go and kiss anyone you wanted as long as they did not get mad about it.
  • This type of marriage offends people. No one is offended by the traditional marriage and that is because no one has anything wrong with it. Gay marriage on the other hand is seen as wrong and repulsive and many people think it is disgusting.