Tech Tuesday

9-23-14 Midway Middle School

Midway Usernames for Students

  • Midway usernames are a max of 20 characters
  • If a student has 2 last names, they are both included up to 20 characters
  • If a student does not have a middle name, it's okay to skip that step
  • When all else fails, look up their student folder in the "msstudents" drive (see picture below) to see what their Midway username is
  • Student Email, Google, iTunes account and Edmodo accounts all use the Midway username "core" as part of their configuration
  • Student passwords are all the same for every Midway sponsored account
  • Exception: iTunes does not allow for 3 digits in a row, therefore some students have an alternate iTunes password
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Student Login Help Sheet

This link is on the Middle School website under the Student tab.

Edmodo Login Tips

  • Students should not use their email addresses to log in unless they have added them in settings
  • It has to say "Edmodo for Midway ISD" or it may not recognize their account
  • Students can put a copy of their Edmodo username in their notes and copy and paste it in the web version
  • Please don't ever create a new account for a student
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Google Login Tips

  • The biggest error with Google accounts is that students should not include the word "student" in their Google log in
  • The problem is that it says "email" in the blank. Because these are Education google accounts, students do not use their email.
  • Try to use the phrase Google Login to help them with how to log in.
  • Bottom line: I agree, its' confusing!
  • NOTE: Students do NOT have gmail accounts and should use their Midway email addresses for emailing
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Parent Edmodo Accounts

  • Dr Cox sent out a message to all parents regarding Edmodo
  • There is a letter and directions posted on the MMS>Parents section of the webpage
  • Biggest issue is that parents have to use a unique email address to set up an account. Parents who work for Midway or who have their email address in notifications on their student account will have trouble
How to send a post to a parent group

Parents automatically see everything in their account, except for "NOTES". Here are instructions on the extra step you have to do if you want a parent to see a note

Apple TV

Airwatch and App Catalog

  • Last year, all the devices were new to students so they were able to get all the Apple Suite apps for free
  • Now, devices are being recycled so there is a greater potential for a student not having those apps for free
  • They are able to get those apps through the Purchased section of the App Catalog
  • The App catalog is a way for you to purchase apps for your students
  • The Apps can be distributed and taken back every year so that you aren't spending the same money every year
  • Please remember to give your students PLENTY of time to get these apps. Not only are they large apps, but the App catalog may require a visit to the iHelp Desk
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iPad Troubleshooting Tips

  • Closing an app solves a lot of problems when they start acting weird
  • Hard Restart on the iPad (hold down power button and home button for about 15 seconds until screen goes black)
  • Deleting the app and re-installing
  • Check the wifi source. Everyone should be on MISD-SECURE. Forgetting an old network can help a little bit, but with so many wifi spots you will always have to check for this
  • Settings for the time on the iPad: General>Date & Time>Set Automatically
  • Settings for Safari may need to be cleared. Settings>Safari>Clear History>Clear Cookies and Data

Sign in with Google

  • Always look for this "bonus" when deciding which app to use
  • When there are options like Google and Edmodo, a student does not have to create an account and they can use the same login information as their Google or Edmodo account
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District iPad Goal #1

1st 6 Weeks iPad Integration Goal:

Students will use the iPad to create a content-driven product. Teachers will share an example product with colleagues.

For example, a student can show what content they know by creating a finished product in an app chosen by student or teacher.

  • Animator Free
  • Blendspace
  • Comic Maker
  • Funny Movie Maker
  • Flipagram
  • Flowboard
  • Glogster
  • Haiku Deck
  • iMovie
  • Keynote
  • Pages
  • PicCollage
  • PuppetPals
  • ScreenChomp
  • ShowMe
  • Skitch
  • SockPuppets
  • Story Me
  • Tellagami
  • Thinglink
  • Yakit

If the project your student creates uses an app that generates a link, then you can share that link when you turn in the collection form posted above.

If the project uses an app that does not generate a link, anything is in the camera roll of the student iPad can be uploaded to Google Drive and have a link generated for it. The key is sharing it correctly. If you need help with this, the video below shows what your students need to do to upload to the Google Drive app, then share it with you, and then you can open the link to be shared with anyone who has the link. The final link I show you in this video is the link that you will "turn in" in the collection form posted above.

Sharing iPad Goal #1 Examples