Mobile Learning Devices

Seven different apps that are great for classroom use!


Description: Students can use this app to create audio tours of places around the city.

Use in the classroom: Students can research the history of a certain place in the city and tell it's story. Other students can then listen to it when they visit the different spots. I would incorporate this into either Social Studies or Language Arts.

Bubble & Pebble

Description: Kids can help the characters undergo adventures, create their own drawings, and new adventures to share.

Use in the classroom: During Language Arts have students create their own adventures and screen them when they're done. This app incorporates many of the language arts such as writing, speaking, listening, viewing, & visual. It is also great for multiple learning styles.

Bubble and Pebble

Talking Tom & Ben News Reporters

Description: Students create pieces about news items (school, local, worldwide) and then have Tom and Ben report them.

Use in the classroom: I would use this during Social Studies perhaps at the start of class to report on current events. I would have a different student do one for each class.

Talking Tom and Ben News: World Cleanup 2012

Bunsella's Bedtime Stories

Description: Children narrate a story and send it to another class in the school, at a different school, or in a different country and then students can respond.

Use in the classroom: I would use this class to promote diversity and multiculturalism. I would have my students choose a story from their culture to share with other students in another country and vice versa.


Description: Students can collect videos, images, and audio to create a multimedia mind map.

Use in the classroom: I would have students use this app to create mind map projects for Science, Social Studies, or Language Arts.

Additional Apps

Choose Your Path Free

Descritption: An exploration game where students follow along and chose what happens next. A "choose your own adventure style game".

Use in the classroom: I would allow students to use this app from time to time during free reading. This is a great tool because it encourages students to read and also get their creative juices flowing. It is a great tool to introduce students to writing their own fiction as it provides the basic structure but lets them alter and add.


Description: Allows you to upload, record and share your own audio.

Use in the classroom: The reason I chose to incorporate this is because I feel very strongly about accommodating all learning styles. This app is great for students that understand material and can express their knowledge orally but my struggle with writing. I also find it to be very user friendly which is important.