By Kimi Hedrick


The Mayans were located in Mexico, Guatemala, Belize El Salvador, & Honduras

Mayan Math

The Mayans used the number 20 to create a number system. The Mayans were also the first people to use the number zero. The Mayans advancements to calendars to help them predict when they should plant and harvest crops. They also used the calendars to make important decisions like going to war.

Mayan Writing

The Mayans used a hieroglyphic system that they called Glyphs to write. Glyphs are pictures that stand for words, syllables, or sounds.

Past Times

In the past times of Mayans they played a game called pok-a-tok. The good players of this sport would become popular and rich. The losers of this game could be sacrificed.


Some Mayans were located in the rain forests and some lived in the flood plains. The Mayans grew corn and cacao beans. The Mayans used a Slash-and-Burn foundation for their agriculture. This where you cut down trees and then burn them for fertilizer.

Fun Fact #1

If you were an infant as a Mayan your head was pressed against a board so that your forehead was slanted.

Fun Fact #2

Instead of using metal weapons the Mayan warriors used stone weapons to fight attackers.