Anolog vs. Digital

Who will win?

Three examples of an Anolog signal

There are a lot of things that apolog signals are involved in, such as old time vcrs that hasn't been used in years/months. There are also things like non-digital clocks that hung on walls, many things have changed such as the phones, they used to stand in one place and talk to someone over it, whereas now we can go wherever we want and when we want.

Three examples of digital signals

Digital signal is the more modern version of technology that is used by adults and kids all over the world

So? Which one wins?

I think that the Digital signal wins, if you go into a middle school, your not going to see a bunch of kids bringing a c-d player and c-ds, your going to see phones, tablets and computers.If the cost was to high on the digital I would still go with it, I think it would be worth the money beacause every good thing comes with a cost, as long as it makes you happy. By the way I think Yoshi and Yoda would look a lot newer with digital.


-refers to a electronic signal that is converted into a pattern of bits

-discrete value at each sampling point

-easily represented by a computer beacause each sample can be defined by a series of bits

-must have an infinite set of possible values

-specific values that represent data


  • A continuous signal that contains time varying quantities
  • Continuous
  • Smooth
  • Time is plotted on the horizontal x-axis and voltage on the vertical y-axis
  • Ex:video and audio transmissions