Room 106 News

January 15, 2016

The week in review. . .

Playing with friends

Ben and Nic enjoy communication building while playing some favorite games

Motor Lab with Mr. Jim

Mr. Jim started working with the students in the Motor Lab this week. Students go through a circuit of 15 different activities, including core strength, bilateral coordination, flexibility, yoga, hand/eye tactile input, moving patterns, balance, visual tracking, motor planning, and postural stability.

Here are some shots from this week's motor lab

. . . and More Pics!

Indoor Fun with Snowflakes- OT Group

We also had a great time today when the Bubble Lady came to visit

You notice we have been learning about solids, liquids and gases in science this week. What a great way to end up the week with a visual demonstration of gases - the air inside of a bubble is a gas.

Don't forget:

Jan 18- Monday- Martin Luther King Day- NO SCHOOL

Jan 22- Next Friday is movie day at CARES! Please send a packed lunch as usual.

Jan 29- Bowling at SCORES