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The violence comes as a primary defense mechanism of a subject it feels threatened, says Jammed. In negotiating and processing the whole subject must make between roofing Portland oregon his inner psychic world and the external reality, the articulation between fails when the response is what comes in called, violent behavior.

In Compendium of psychoanalysis Freud says that owes its origin and its most important acquired characteristics to the relationship with actual outside world. So that, in that Child sharing with their roofing Portland oregon environment-and in which, emotional relationships with love objects are of primary importance will be crucially organizing and consolidating the structure of that I.

If the child has received enough contributions' containment and emotional responsiveness may I organize a sufficiently stable and safe as to not feel threatened.Narcissistic solid support, without hesitation or fractures by parents.

In what they are transmitting to their children, with a background of pleasure and confidence that the child perceives as his own, and not, as something that should be what forms the basis a secure find here relationship.a good enough object that can tolerate that violence of life that baby will lead to the mother.

The strongest are these supports, recharging narcissism -not child structuring read here narcissism manic/ Sovereign is easier to enter contact with an object that does not threaten their self. Different is the situation of the child who feels void of a transmission input and effective makes you feel attached (attachment theory) .

That it collect such violence, metabolized and deactivated, returning it generating transformed into security tenderness. It is very common to find now with scared parents, frail parents narcissistic, which are not able to include their children in a regulation that organizes limits (External and internal) with whom the child can feel protected and safe.

Currently it prevails an approach to society without limits and unlimited family (anecdotal noted advertising language that is increasingly often include the term unlimited to define the goodness of the object of consumption selling: Pleasure without limit, satisfaction without limit, etc.), and when there are no limits so there is internal void and above all, confusion.

Internal void to compulsively fill of things finding and adolescents in their desire for anonymous desire deceptively roofing Portland identified as their own. Repression, necessary and healthy, to You organize the page internal world is confused with authoritarianism, mixed with the notion that frustration is counterproductive,

And even dangerous, for good evolutionary development of the child. Instead, it introduces a stream of condescending permissiveness, far roofing Portland from protect the child/ adolescent, he is placing in situations that can not be done responsible. It is allowed to do activities.

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