Rachel Ruplinger & Tasia Comer

Destination Details

The distance from the Sun to Uranus is 1,783,744,300 miles and 1.9189165 x 10 A.U. The length of the year on Uranus is 84 Earth years and 30,687 Earth days. The length of a day is 17 hours and 14 minutes. The tilt on Uranus is nearly at right angles to its orbit which is about 82 degrees and that's the reason it has seasons. Uranus has mainly 2 seasons, winter and summer. Each season lasts for 21 Earth years. Uranus' orbit eccentricity is 0.4725744 and the speed is about 15,209 mph. Because of Uranus' tilt, it rotates on its side and has a retrograde rotation(looks like it's spinning the opposite way). Uranus' diameter is 31,518 miles as to where Earth's is 7,918 miles. Uranus is 4 times bigger than Earth. The surface temperature on Uranus is -357 degrees Fahrenheit but the deeper you go in Uranus, the hotter it gets. The core of Uranus is 8540 degrees Fahrenheit. There is really no variations in temperature because of how far away Uranus is from the Sun. Gravity on Uranus is 8.87 m/s squared and 9.8 m/s squared on Earth. So a 150 pound person would weigh 133 pounds. Uranus also has 27 known moons.

Life on Uranus

Uranus is -357 degrees Fahrenheit and the temperature increases as you go further into the planet. The center temperature of Uranus is estimated to be 8540 degrees Fahrenheit. Liquid water would be boiling unless it is under a large amount of pressure. Water should be vapor but because of the pressure and the heat, turns into super heated liquid. The Voyager 2 is the first vehicle to Uranus. It was launched August 20, 1977 and got to Uranus January 24, 1986. The Voyager 2 discovered an ocean boiling, 10 new moons, 2 new rings, and a tilted magnetic field. Uranus' atmosphere is made up of gas such as hydrogen, helium, and methane. You can expect it to be very cold and have strange seasons because of the tilt and how far away it is from the Sun.


Voyage to Uranus review

The trip to Uranus was the worst 19 years in my life. First off it took forever which was expected, but what i did not expect was what id be examining when i got there. When I got there is realized that Uranus' crust was very thin, and the planet was very cold. In other parts of Uranus there was boiling waters! Overall I think I was happier to leave then I was to go on this voyage.

What to bring to Uranus

- A space suit

- A heat shield

- Gas mask

- Water


Icy Hot Hotel

This hotel is surrounded by cold, so you’d better bring a coat. Also while you're here you will have a perfect view of a boiling ocean. When you stay here, your safety is everything! The hotel supplies you with a gas mask, food, and water. Also, there is no life to be discovered on Uranus so I wouldn't expect to see any animals. However there are many attractions on Uranus such as the 27 moons, the blue green clouds, and the beautiful rings.

Things to do in Uranus

-take pictures of the rings

-take a gas sample back to earth

-examine the moons

-try to do experiments outside the spacecraft

-try to discover new planets

Things to avoid in Uranus.

-the center of the planet because of boiling oceans

-the surface because it is very cold and very thin

-avoid breathing in any of the gases on Uranus

Nightlife (moons)

There are a total of 27 moons on Uranus. All the moons are named after Shakespeare and some after Alexander the Pope. The biggest moons are Oberon and Titania. All Uranus' inner moons appear to be roughly half water ice and half rock.

5 facts about Uranus

1. Uranus is often called the ice giant

2. Uranus has the coldest temperatures of any planet

3. Uranus has 2 sets of really dark rings

4. Uranus is named after the Roman god Saturn

5. Uranus means the greek god of the sky