Anxiety Disorders

A mental health condition that affects the nervous system.


Anxiety is a very common mental health condition that affects the nervous system. It's an intense sense of worry that lasts for an extended period of time. Anxiety is normal and healthy to have in regular amounts. However, if it starts to affect a person for an extended period of time it can become an anxiety disorder.

Types of Disorders

There are a few different types of anxiety disorders. They are;

* Generalized



* Phobias

Panic Attacks are a type of disorder, but it can also be a side affect of a different anxiety disorder.

Body System

The body system that is affected is the nervous system. The nerves normally transmit signals that the brain sends to different parts of the body. When having anxiety, the nerves become hypersensitive and have an increased perception of pain.

Target Population

Anxiety disorders are one of the most common mental illnesses. Everyone can be affected, from children to adults, males and females. Around 40 million Americans are found to have an anxiety disorder each year.
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There are many ways one can get an anxiety disorder. It can be passed down genetically or from a traumatic accident. Anxiety disorders can also be from having an overactive flight-or-fight response or from having a very stressful day to day life.


The symptoms of anxiety are similar to that of fear. Anxiety disorders are only symptoms are being shown for an extended period of time.

The symptoms are;

* Shallow breathing

* Faster heartbeat

* Inability to sleep

* Upset stomach

* Trembling

* Feelings of impending doom

Diagnoses and Treatment

Anxiety disorders can be diagnosed by a therapist or mental health professional. The patient has to be showing symptoms for at least six months.

There are many ways to treat anxiety disorders. If its using CBT ( Cognitive Behaviour Therapy ), breathing exercises or meditation, the main goal is to find ways to calm down and find solutions to problems to reduce anxiety. In some cases, medication can be used as part of the treatment.


I chose to research anxiety because I was interested in how it affected people in their day-to-day life.