take logging classes to become certified

career itself

logger have a rough life working it time cousming and tiering too. The career require alot of work with your hands you need to have some common sense to know what is safe and what is not safe. Your everyday logger can go without an injury but someone that is new to this something bad could happen to them. The logger ha to at least work 7-4 just to have progress in their work.

education,classes and training

Did you know that to come certified in logging you gotta 4 courses 2 today period times. The classes are all day anf they teach you about safty on machinery. They also teach you on safty of a injuried employer. They also teach you on the proper way to cut trees. To be a logger you dont need a collage degree only highschool and thats only 4 years. When you start logging its best to start out with someone knows what their doing already.

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