Push/Pull Factors

By Jerrin Jacob

Religious Persecution. (Saudi Arabia)

Saudi Arabia,

It's is a push factor People are leaving this country because they are getting persecuted for practicing their faith. Also, Saudi authorities are blocking Christian websites online. People cannot carry their bibles with them in public either. Many Christians want to migrate to the United States, and European countries where they have freedom of religon.

Ethnic Persecution

(Sudan) Ethnic persecution is a major push factor. In Sudan many Christians, Muslims and other religons are being "Cleanesed" or in other words they are exterminated. Many of these people want to leave the country and move to places such in Asia or European countries.

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Environmental Factors

(United States)

An environmental factor in the United States Iis hurricanes, every year the United States is struck with he'd astatine hurricanes. This would most definitely be a push factor. Many lives are killed and many homes are destroyed because of this. Many people migrate to a land locked country in south amrica because of this, or maybe even land locked states in the United States.

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Economic Motives


An economic motive in Switzerland is new job opportunities in the country. This is a pull factor, because many people will move to this country because of job openings.

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Political Factors

(North Korea)This is a push factor because of the countries government, it is under a strict communist government. The people of the country have no freedom whatsoever. Many of them, try to leave the country and live a good life in South Korea.
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Forced Migration


Push factor, many people of Iraq were forced to move out because of the war, a lot of them went to Afghanistan or Pakistan hoping for a better life.

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