About myself

Maria Rivera

A little of my life..

I am 17 years old, and I really love to do a lot of interesting stuff like drawing, playing soccer in my spare time, and much more. I am shy at times, but I am still cool to talk to, been said by my friends ha :) Well I also love spending time with my loved ones, and closest friends. I love to watch movies specially horror ones and comedy too.

More about me...

I enjoy learning new stuff always, and honestly science is not my strongest subject. I do good at it with hard work, but at times i can struggle. My strongest subject would be algebra, and learning new languages. I have learned with time a bit of French, adding to that I already know Spanish and English. I was born in Mexico City, and I really miss my family mainly. Also the traditions, and everything its so different at times, but I know all will be worth it. I am planning to be a dentist, attend CVCC and accomplish my goals.
I sadly have a small family in here. I really appreciate everything my parents do for me. I have 3 young brothers, and being the oldest and only girl isn't always easy, but I still love them very much.
I love listening to music, relieves my stress as well as a good workout. I listen to mainly music in spanish, some pop and R&B. Music to me is everything, I can't go a day without listening to music, its just a motivation for me, and makes me feel better.