An Example of Work Place Hazards

Electrocution in the Workplace

Electrical current exposes workers to a serious, widespread occupational hazard; practically all members of the workforce are exposed to electrical energy during the performance of their daily duties, and electrocutions occur to workers in various job categories. Many workers are unaware of the potential electrical hazards present in their work environment, which makes them more vulnerable to the danger of electrocution. Youth are exposed to a large variety of different workplaces but electrocution can easily happen in any workplace environment since most jobs have outlets. This is a serious workplace hazard and can happen without notice in many situations.

An Example of Electrocution in a workplace

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As you can see electrocution is occurring in this situation since the worker was careless enough to be operating with an electrical circuit without proper equipment and safety.

Example of an unsafe Environment with the risk of electrocution

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A situation where a worker is cleaning the area close to the electrical circuit. Without taking in precautions she is in risk of electrocuting herself.

Dealing with Hazards