Endangered Species in Greece

by Tokatlidou Stamatia (Class: D')

Caretta caretta

The loggerhead sea turtle or caretta caretta lives in the Mediterranean Sea.It weighs about 90 kilos and is almost 1 metre long. Its shell is red-brown.It nests in Greece,in particular, in Zakynthos Island,West Peloponnesus, Crete Island,Kefalonia Island and Rhodes Island.The nest is 30-50 centimetres deep.

The sea turtle lays about 80-115 eggs every two-three years.They lay up to four times in the same summer!The eggs have got soft shell and they are like a table tennis ball!The baby turtles come out about two months later!They come out at night or very early in the morning.The light helps baby turtles run to the sea.

There are a lot of dangers for the baby turtles: tourism, extensive fishing, sea pollution

For more iformation ,you can surf the following websites.

The websites are of Archelon,Medasset and Euroturtle, foundations for the protection of the sea turtle.

You can watch the following video to see the sea turtle's journey in the Mediterranean Sea:
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