Sp 3 Final Project Details May 2016

by Profesoras Blancq & Wysard

Project Details:

¡HOLA! Final Spanish Project

MPI Spanish students will construct an electronic Brochure with Smores.com. Each criterion must have a separate heading on the brochure. Text under the headings must be in complete sentences and absolutely everything must be ¡en ESPAñOL!

Content must be grammatically correct and reflect the grammar that we have covered throughout the year. Please rely only on your book or vocabulary from previous Spanish classes.

Due date for final upload submission is May 19,2016

Our Librarians will correct a hard copy of the Bibliography (last heading on your eBrochure). This bibliography must be MLA Style.

Please cite all media used (photos, videos, etc.).

Sra. Wysard is making one with you so you can follow your timeline:


Project important due dates:

Project start date: May 2, 2016

Project end: Friday May 20, 2016

Checkpoint dates:

May 10/11 website created with tabs and pictures, writing in progress, videos in progress

May 17/18 full draft finished

May 19/20 Peer Reviews

May 23 Presentations

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You are a journalist and have to create an e-Brochure for National Geographic on a specific Spanish-speaking country. You must cover a sub-topic from each of the following 3 Core-Topics:

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You will need the following Headings and Grammar


Culture--------------------Cultura------------------Past tense

Travelling------------------Para viajar-------------Subjunctive & Commands

About the journalist---Sobre el cronista----Present tense


Specifics of each Heading

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Suggestions of Minimum Content for each Heading

Country (Comparisons in an article)

You will write an article for Natl.Geographic Introducing the country with Comparisons Between your country and the state of Hawaii or the U.S.A. in general

A good source is the CIA Worldfactbook

You may include:

  1. Literacy rates
  2. Educational system
  3. Standard of living, wealth/poverty, health care, health status, life expectancy.
  4. Government: name of system describe the specific main parts of the government, the capital city, leaders’ names and titles
  5. Religions- how does religion affect their life?
  6. Occupations: most important to least important
  7. Major imports
  8. Population
  9. Currency
  10. Size
  11. Location (continent)


Remember to include illustrations and 'chunk' your information as you see it fits best.

Illustrations of: Map, Flag, Landmark of cultural significance

Culture ( Your letter of what you learned; must be in the preterite & imperfect tenses)

You will write a letter to your readers telling using the preterite and the imperfect tense what you learned about this country from your experience as a Natl Geo. Journalist. 200 words Follow the letter format.

What is this country known for?


Put your cooking video here if it’s from the country that you are presenting on. Otherwise your cooking video goes as a hobby of yours under about the Journalist.


Include these things in your letter. (Remember to include pictures whenever you can)

  1. Important celebrations
  2. Important holidays
  3. Important people (historical or present day, why are they famous?
  4. Something interesting about one or more of:
  • art
  • music
  • craft
  • clothing
  • sports
  • any other of your appropriate and applicable interests


Remember to include illustrations or media.

Cooking Video, Include a picture of the dish, Your short Spanish version Of the recipe

Video/Media featuring traditional music from the country. NOT contemporary.

Recomendaciones para viajar (subjunctive & commands)

You will make a Travel Heading and write a Brochure in which you give recommendations for future visitors.


Include 1 slogan (a short and striking or memorable phrase used in advertising)


an attention-grabber

Remember not to be too wordy- and use the subjunctive when necessary.


Include the following:

(Natural wonders might go nice in here)

Recommendations on :

· 5 ideal vacation spots

o 3 touristic places to visit (description, cost, daily activities that are offered)

o 2 alternatives for tourists who prefer peaceful activities

· 3 types of transportation within the country

· types of lodgings VOC!

o albergues, hosteles, hotels & cost for each

an interesting fact:

· touristic or historical


Remember: Your goal is for the internet searcher to visit your country and follow your advice

· Include pictures Nice graphics, entire ebrochure well-organized for easy browsing

· With headings, colors, font, underlining, etc.

· 1 small illustration per place with brief captions

Your revised Supersite-Lección 5, Lecturas, Composición, Activities "Preparación" & "Composición" go here.


The last heading of your e-Brochure will be a Vlog. (Video log) of4-5 min in length and

You speak directly to your audience.

· No reading please.

Sobre el autor/a

This part is submitted with one 4-5 minute long video.


You are encouraged to get into character and mention your career highlights.

Chapter 1 Gram. & Voc.

Use Ser & Estar when necessary:

· Name

· age-- (be careful...do not use ser/estar with this one)

· grade

· nationality

· origin

· profession (you are a journalist for la revista GEOGRAFÍA NACIONAL)

· your favorite time of the year or favorite holiday (+ why)

· Your emotional state about the end of this trip


Chapter 2 Gram. & Voc.

· Likes & dislikes about your favorite/least favorite things

· Talk about music, theater, places of amusement, sports, fun activities

Chapter 3 Voc.

· Likes & dislikes about your favorite things to do (verbs), or do as a Natl Geographic reporter

· Include expressions and daily routines of a Natl Geographic reporter


Print a hard copy and copy & paste here

YOUR PROJECT ENDS HERE....and now you can see EXAMPLES for your layout/organization

Rubric, Peer Evals & More general tips

Big image

Links for your MLA Bilbilography

You are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to verify with the librarians if you are in the right track with your MLA bibliography. Use Easy Bib and keep track of all your sources.

Examples of how you can use pictures & captions in this forum

Example of your Videos or Media

Italian Dinner - Background Music, Italian Music, Folk Music from Italy

EXAMPLES to follow When writing your letter

Be sure to write your letter first in MSWord and before writing select the Spanish Language to catch any spelling errors. This will also indicate errors as you write and can avoid those by correcting with punctuation or spelling.

Indicate the word count at the very end.

(20 sentences are usually=200 words)

Follow the letter writing format

Honolulu, lunes el 2 de mayo de 2016.

Queridos lectores:

Notice that the date includes the city you are located, followed by a comma, then the day and the article el followed by the date. Then you may use Queridos for dear or Estimados for Esteemed. Estimados is a bit more formal. Notice that the greeting is not followed by a comma as it is done in English.

Be sure to have paragraphs. Also in your first paragraph tell your reader of the fantastic time you had in this beautiful country you have the honor of covering and capturing in your report and what you will be talking about in this letter. Usually a paragraph is indented 5 spaces.

Use transitioning words to begin a new paragraph and organize your writing. You do not want to have your reader jumping all over the place. Cover one thing at a time per paragraph.

Then make sure that you also have a closing with a clear conclusion. Say farewell to your readers who are also your fans and respect you and sign. A good way to say best regards or your truly is atentamente. Notice that there is a comma then right under is your name and last.


Veronica Best

This example of a Video in which the Students look at their audience.

Its hard to speak Spanish!