The Good and Bad of Life in CA

by Felix and Mason

This newsletter not only shares information about a current problem for the citizens of Central America,but also shares ways to go about improving the situation.

Problems: poor food security, tourism, natural disasters, countries in poverty, emigration from Central America

Natural Disasters

Earthquakes,volcanoes,and hurricanes sometimes occur in Central America.In 1998 a hurricane slammed into central america killing and leaving lots of people homeless.

3 effects on the lives of the citizens

1. Disease and death from the shortage of food and water.
2. Not very much money from the gov. because of no tourism.
3. Damaged homes and shelter from the extreme weather conditions.

Hurricane Mitch slams into Central America in 1998.

Volcano near Costa Rica

Volcanic Eruptions

Not too long ago on December,29,2013 El Salvador erupted prompting evacuations.


Some solutions to the problems could be store more food in case of weather disasters. Also, they could build better buildings that could withstand high winds and severe weather conditions.

effects of the solutions

1. Having food stored would keep people healthy after disaster strikes. They will be in better conditions to rebuild.
2. Fewer people will lose their homes and businesses if they build buildings that can withstand high winds and bad weather conditions.
3. Being able to handle the disasters might keep residents from moving away and areas can attract tourist.