Unit 1 SMORE flyer

by lauren richardson

Stand Up to Bullying

Bullying is wrong and has many negative effects on a person. Before you bully someone you need to think of everything that will come with it. Bullying isn't just words and should be taken very seriously.

Teen Suicide is Serious

Teen suicide's rates have grown a lot and this is really bad. Many people think that depression isn't as serious as it really is and adults don't try to stop it which can lead straight to suicide. Over half of teens that do commit suicide were being bullied and couldn't stand up to or go through the hurt any longer

Types of Bullying:

Mental Disorders

Mental Disorders are very serious and have many effects on people. Mental disorders are not yet to be concluded if they are really diseases or just mental issues. Even though they can cause big issues scientists can't rule them as diseases because no cell or tissue test can show if someone have a mental disorder or not. They're are many mental disorders including:

to learn more about each of these go to this link: http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/mentaldisorders.html