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Assyrians - Masters of War 1of3

Today is WAR!!!

We are in war with Babylon! We need more good soldiers. Not good, great! If you would like to be apart of this war then, come to the castle and let the king make sure you are good enough.

The Library!

Hello Assyrians! The Library is opening in THREE days! we are having tours of this building today and tomorrow! If you would like to see it. It is 9 miles away from the ziggurat! Everyone is welcome and we would love for you to all join us. Happy reading!


Hello fellow Assyrians! I have a large family of 7 with many needs. If anyone has anything to trade us for 28 brick stones! We would really appreciate any offers. What we are preferably looking for is livestock.

Todays Interview:

All speakers names are changed!

Interviewer -Our first interviewer is Akaka! Hello Akaka!

Speaker -Hello Eika!

Interviewer -Very nice to meet you! What does your name mean?

Speaker -My name means the god Ashur and creator of the heir.

Interviewer -Wow! What are your thoughts about this article?

Speaker -Well I like this article because it is about me!

Interviewer - Well, thank you very much for coming and answering these questions! Bye, bye, now! Hope to see you later!

Speaker - Thank you very much!

Religious Ceremony

Just to let the public know, the church of Ishtar is always open to the anyone for any religious ritual. Religion is a part of our life and death, and there are many social benefits that can come with it, as well as good manner with the gods. We hope you can be here with us.


Today is the one day offer that we are giving you a free chance to get your eyebrows darkened at the Ishtar solon. In addition to this offer, we will allow you to get a half priced manicure!