A Little about Me

Michelle Touketto


I was born in Evansville, IN on June 7, 1982 and lived in the area until June 1998, when I moved to Indianapolis. I attended Gibson Southern H.S. for two years and Lawrence Central H.S. for two years and graduated from there in 2000. I attended Purdue University for a year and IUPUI for one semester before taking a break from school for family reasons. I moved to Fishers, IN and returned to school at Ivy Tech Community College of Central Indiana part-time in 2009 and earned an A.A.S. in Paralegal Studies in 2015. I decided towards the end that it wasn't the career for me and decided to return to my original major, Secondary English Education.

I made the decision to pursue teaching after a discussion with a friend who is an English teacher at Brebuf Jesuit and realized that I usually find myself in some kind of teaching role with my various interests. The teaching subject was an easy choice as I'm abysmal at math and art and have always excelled at Language Arts subjects, plus English classes often include a bit of critical thinking and philosophy.


I am polyamorous and have been with my current husband for over 10 years. I have two children from my first marriage: Sean is 14 and in 8th grade, and Katarina (Katie) is 13 and in 7th grade. I, also, have two children from my current marriage: Ariyanna is 6 and in kindergarten, and Sophia is 4 and will be in kindergarten next year. My kids are very active with extracurricular activities. Sean is in Boy Scouts, band (French horn), and was in the school play this year. Katie is in band (oboe), jv winter guard, and was in the school play, too. They, also, both volunteer at their former elementary school regularly. Ariyanna is high functioning autistic, a Daisy Girl Scout, and loves jigsaw puzzles, books, and tinker toys. (Let me know if you're interested in buying cookies!!) Sophia is a girly girl and loves dresses, jewelry, fairies, mermaids, animals, books, and anything that sparkles.

Interests and Activities

I have a wide variety of interests and activities, so I'll just bullet point them for easy viewing.

  • Reading (I especially like sci-fi/fantasy, historical fiction, romance, young adult, history, philosophy, and religious studies.)
  • Music (I enjoy listening, playing, and dancing to it.)
  • Dance (I do belly dance, basic swing, rudimentary ballet, and would love to learn more ballroom dance styles.)
  • Crafting (I co-own Dragon Spirit Treasures with my husband and do crochet, jewelry design, costuming, natural household and beauty products, and various others as needed with the kids or for gifts.)
  • Cooking (I love cooking but not baking!)
  • Religious Studies (I focus on ancient religions and modern non-Abrahamic religions, and I'm active in the Pagan and Thelemic communities.)
  • Video Gaming (I'm fond of various Android games on my phone, but most of spare time goes into rpg type games on PS3 or PC. Over the last few years, I've only had time for World of Warcraft, though, and recently switched to Final Fantasy XIV with a group of friends.)
  • Camping (I spend many weekends with my friends and family during the spring and summer camping at various spiritual festivals.)
  • Girl Scouts (I'm co-leader and Cookie Parent for my middle daughter's Daisy troop.)
  • Animals (We have three dogs (two akitas and a husky), two cats, two guinea pigs, a chinchilla, and a hedgehog. Katie and I would love to have more, but my husband would have a fit and would really need more space, anyway!)