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Tongass National Forest is located in Anchorage, Alaska . It is home to over a hundred different animals and three hundred types of plant life. Including three different types of bear (polar bear in the cold places, grizzly bears all over, black bear in the heavily forested areas.) Along with the biggest population of white-tailed deer , the challenges this place presences are negative 64 degrees Fahrenheit , the opportunities this place prosent are recreation and food.

Some Things You Should Bring To This Magnificent Place

You should bring camo for hunting the big game here.

North Dakota Plains

Some things you should bring are binoculars,hat

Hawaii Forests

Hawaii was made entirely of cooled molten lava. It is home to many exotic plants and birds. Hawaii is a very hot place their is volcanos so you might have gusted that it is located in the ring of fire. some things you should bring are lots of sun screen, shorts, a surf board and swimming suits.

the down side is that most of the volcanoes are still active, the up side is that you can have a lot of fun


Use humans divide the earth into hem-is spheres by climate and how they are positioned by the equator.