History of Computing

By Archie Duckworth

The First Computer

The first idea for was fought off by Alan Turing.In 1936 Alan Turing dreamt up a thinking machine. He called this.He called it an imagination machine.He worked as a code breaker in the war but when the war ended he worked on AI (Artificial Intelligence)

The World Wide Web

The world wide web also known as www. The world wide web was invented by

Sir Tim Berners-lee.The world wide web is a searching engine when you search something on the internet it will have www. infront of iit for example www.facebook.com.

The first website when live put on the 6th August 1991

What is a Computer

A computer is a complex version of a calculator.The word computer comes for the latin word. A computer takes in data process it then outputs it. We yous computers evryday for surfing the internet working
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