my american girl doll

What is the difference

Do you know the difference of a girl of the year and a regular beforever doll.There still both dolls but with a girl of a year, she is only avalible for one year.A beforever doll you can get until they retire that is just when they don't sell them any more.There both different but same.

How do I pick out a good outfit?

How to pick out a good outfit for your dolls.

FIrst you take off the old clothes. Then you look at there skin color and what color goes best with it. Next you take a outfit that has that color or colors. After that you put on the new outfit. Last but not least your ready for the runway.

American girl doll store

This is the place you get your dolls and clothes.

Is that clothes ?

my AGDs have very pasific clothes and furniture. There clothes are usually comfy, soft, sleepy, and lovely attire. There furniture are soft, fluffy, comfy, and lovely furniture.

what to do.

when you get your doll wet this how you fix them. You twist there head of. Take the stuffing out. clean the inside and make sure everything is not rusted. Put new stuffing in. twist the head on.