LV Technology

Devon VanDenHeuvel

Typing web

  • First Teaches you how to type
  • Second Helps you learn new words
  • You get to learn new things

I trailer

  • Helped me speak in front of people better
  • Helps you search the web for information
  • Learn new information about your topic

Career locker

  • Plan were your going to collage
  • Find new information about your dream job
  • Find out how much your dream job pays

haiku deck

  • First off search the web for information
  • Make slides of the thing you pick to make your slide on
  • Search the web for pictures for what you are making your slides obout

Explain everything

  • Showed me new icons for the app
  • tought me how to search the web or pictures
  • Finally, use the web more often

Hour of code

  • First you get to play games
  • Get to make your own games
  • And you get to do all of that for 1 hour

email etiquette

  • Tought me how yo type new words
  • Showed me how to type a proper email
  • And i could type emails really good after that