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October 5, 2018

The Owl Family Comes Together

The second month of the school year has come and gone just as quickly as the first. But with this new month, the Agua Fria community has been tested more than any school should ever be. As a school, we try to cope with loss of a fellow Owl, someone who was taken from us far too early. Please read on to hear what those who knew Amanda have to say in the wake of this tragedy.

-Naomi Metoyer, Editor in Chief

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By: Naomi Metoyer

Last Thursday, a tragic car collision took the life of our beloved Owl, 17-year-old senior Amanda Moreno. The next morning, at the start of second period, Principal Molina announced the news to the school over the intercom, and as a whole, it shook the Agua Fria community to the core. Read on here.
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By: Haley Baker

Amanda Moreno, that name has such a strong connotation attached to it now. She was funny, happy, real, and had a light always shining in her. Click here to read on.

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By: By: Kaylie Langtry and Kyla Heller

Amanda Moreno was as many would call her a spunky and unpredictable person, but was someone who cared deeply for others around her. Amanda knew many students from different schools as well as teachers, and they have agreed to share their favorite moments with Amanda. Read memories of Amanda here.

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By: OwlFeed Staff

The Agua Fria community lost one of its best and brightest last week with the passing of Amanda Moreno. Amanda was a big part of our class and her energy and passion spread to all of us. Each member of the class was offered the opportunity to write a brief tribute to Amanda to honor what she meant to us as a fellow journalist and friend. Read our tribute here.

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By: Matthew Willarch

Matthew Willarch pours his heart and soul into two poems inspired by the recent passing of dear classmate Amanda Moreno. Read them here.
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By: Amanda Moreno

When it comes to our society’s norms, they are changing everyday. Whether it’s the environment or people’s health, trying to persuade someone to change or adapt can be very difficult. Read Amanda's story here.





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