Austin Wants You!

Jasmine Ortiz & Briley Hays Period 4

Why you should come to Austin (Persuasive statement)

Austin was the first legal settlement of North American families in Mexican owned Texas. Come visit our colony with about 300 families. We've recently been called the "Most successful colony". Become friends with the friendly Anglos and African settlers that first settled here. So come on down! You won't regret it!

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Political Reasons

Had 5 Main Rules:

-No gambling

-No cussing

-No drunk loads

-No swearing

-Had to become catholic

Geographic Reasons

Have fertile soil to plant crops like: cotton, rice, and tons of fruit.

Have an abundant source of water.

Found natural resources like oil.

Austin's Colony has a mild climate.

Economic Reasons

Many people come for the Christianity making the town bigger.

San Antonio is a commercial center.

Social Reason

By 1835, the population was 600

There was a lot of Christians