Being an Athlete is not that easy!

How To Become A Soocer

"You have to fight to reach your dream you have sacrifice and work hard for it".

- Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi was born as Lionel Andres Messi on June 24,1987, in Rosario Argentina. When he was 8 years old he started playing soccer he became in love with the game his team name was Newell's old boys. Messi was eventually diagnosed with hormone deficiency that restricted his growth. Messi's parents had to persevere to get enough money for his medical pills and supplies.

Messi got offered to play for powerhouse FC Barcelona's youth club. But he didn't meet the required height for him to play. His parents couldn't afford more Medication supplies so they made a deal with him that if he score's more then 1 goal in an international match they will pay for his medication. Messi s scored 6 goals and Barcelona decided to pay for his medication.

From that day on Messi kept persevering all the criticism he got and still kept trying he won hundred's of awards and he is now currently the best player in the world because of his consistency and determination.

Playing In The World Cup vs Playing In The MLS

"We know Billions of people are watching we know we have to be consistent but all we care about is performing as a team and having good chemistry together".

- David Beckham.

The fiifa World cup is the most watched sport event in the world over 2 Billion people watch it worldwide. If a team wins a world cup it becomes really well known and popular around the world. More then a Hundread countries try to qualify for the World Cup but only 30 make it in.

But in the MLS you have bigger chances of getting in to play you still have to be determined but not that much, Comapare to the world cup. You also get paid less in the MLS so thats why people want to make a name for theamself and play for their nation and take their team all the way to the World Cup.

The MLS and the FIFA WORLD CUP are 2 different things although you have to play soocer but in the MLS you play tons of games and have tons of chances from getting to the final with loosing tons of games. But in the World Cup you really have to be determined you have to work hard like the rest of the people to reach their so it is really hard reaching their.

Overcoming soocer injuries

"We will overcome injuries and then you will see us playing great on our feet". - Cristiano Ronaldo

Soccer players are getting hurt a lot nowadays they are getting injured a lot and their careers are getting shortened.Today tons of soccer players are getting shorten career's because of getting injured by other furious soccer players. These furious soccer players and causing these injuries and shorten careers so the affects of these injuries are shorten career's and less time to play. But the soccer players who are getting injured are not giving up they are giving all they got to get back on their feet and to play for their country. The affects of these injuries are shorten soccer careers and less time to play for your country or a team that you really want to play with. But then you can't because you are extremely injured and cant play.

Faking Soccer Injuries

"We fake them so we get a better of scoring when were loosing, so we get exhausted".

- David Villa

Soccer players are faking tons of injuries nowadays they are doing this to get a foul for the next team and by getting possession of the ball by fooling the referee. These soccer players usually do this while they are loosing because they want to try do fake injuries so they can get penalties and free kicks to get more chances to score a goal. The solution for this action is to send off the players who do this and suspend them. This causes to much drama and it waist to much time so the game goes more slower then any other.

But the injured players don't give up they keep on trying to get right up again to score again to be fit again. The injuries don't scare them because they are persisted to get right back up and play for their country again.

The Most Famous Soocer Stadiums

Making a soccer Stadium takes a lot of hard work and Mooney a lot of Countries invest billions of Dollars into soccer Stadiums. And it takes more then 2 years to make a good Stadium. One of the world most famous Stadium is the Wembly stadium every single sport event and musical event happens their. This stadium is located in London, England it cost them about 1 billion pounds to build it.

Many Athletes dream is to come to wembly and perform they have to persevere and be determined to reach wembly it is very hard and the people work hard to reach their. Wembly stadium is more form sporting events like a Soccer match. The stadium seats colors are read and the average number of Mooney to any event in the stadium cost 50 pounds on average.

Overall The Wembly stadium is a great stadium to come and watch any kind of event at and when athletes perform their they get congratulated by other people because it shows that your a determined player.

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