A Day in the Life

Diary Entry #1

I'm going to see the Danes. They have a problem and I can fix it! People are always asking me to help them, and I kind of like it. It's nice to feel needed. A common question people ask me is if I'm ever scared when I face monsters and the bad guys, but the truth is, I'm not! I trust myself and my men to get through everything. They're my brothers and I wouldn't trade them for everything.

Diary Entry #2

So I got to the land of the Danes, and right when I got there I knew something was up. I could feel the energy in the air, there was a stench of death. Nothing that the old Beowulf can't handle. I talked to the Dane king, Hrothgar, and he said this monster named Grendel was eating his men. I'm itching to fight. I was told that there isn't one weapon that can take Grendel down. That's no problem though, I will get this so called "monster" with my own two hands. And then I'm going to mount him on the wall of the Mead-Hall.

Diary Entry #3

I guess I can tell the future or something, because I was totally right. I ripped Grendel's arm off and mounted it so everyone could see. Me, the Mighty Beowulf did it again. I like to have this blog as an outlet. In the public eye I like to stay humble, but on here I can be myself. Now granted I think I'm a pretty decent person, but everyone has their moments where they're like "Wow, I'm pretty great." Any ways that's a different story, I'm just glad that I could help, and make sure no one else could die.

Diary Entry #4

Okay so some bad news. After I killed Grendel I guess his mom found out and she's a little bit upset. I mean I get it, her son is dead, but he killed people. He just ate them right up. What was I supposed to do, just let him keep eating everyone he sees? I don't think so. So now I have to keep on fighting when I just want to go home. The people here are super chill though. Like Hrothgar is really nice and chill, but Unferth is super rude. Okay get this, earlier he was blaming me for Breca's death. Like we were kids swimming out in the sea with swords. WHILE BEING ATTACKED BY SEA MONSTERS. It was super uncalled for and he didn't even get the story straight, but what ever I set him straight.


Sorry that I haven't written in a while, like 50 ears, but I've been a little busy. So I totally handled the whole Grendel's Mother situation, I killed her. After that I went home and became king of the Geats. I'm a really good king I think. I took Hrothgar's advice and was generous and kind to my people. I'm a lot more humble and grown up now. Now there is this new problem I have though. There is this dragon that is burning down my lands, so I have to go kill that one too! I'm going to take my nephew Wiglaf and some of my most loyal men, we should be in and out. Oh well, just another day in the life. Until next time!