Suzanne Lafleur

by: Ella Humphries


  • Love,Aubrey was her first published book.
  • She received her degree with honors on The Story Of Green.
  • She went to The New School Of New York City.
  • In college Suzanne focused on becoming an author.
  • She studied the origin of language.


The Eight Keys:

Elise has had a great life and when she goes into middle school, some things start to go wrong. But on her 12th birthday she received a key from her father that unlocks the eight doors in her barn. Read the book to find out more and what the doors in the barn hold.

listening for Lucca ;

lucca is siena's brother he stopped talking talking. And there mom and dad are moving them to Maine. And they move into an old beach house that has many secrets.She soon finds a pen to write in her diary with but then she soon finds out the pen writes itself and writes a story that might make lucca talk again. Read this book to find out if lucca talks again .

more books written by her

Love, Aubrey


Beautiful Blue World