Issues facing GT Learners

Five Myths About Gifted and Talented Students

Three Big Ideas

In this article by Valerie Strauss, five myths about GT learners are dispelled.

Big Idea #1

Not all children are gifted, but some students with learning disabilities can be considered gifted and talented.

Bid Idea #2

As an educator, you should not try to turn gifted learners into "role models" for their peers.

Bid Idea #3

Gifted learners have the same social and emotional needs as their peers.

Two Questions

Question #1

How can educators help gifted learners to feel more comfortable and less "singled out"?

Question #2

How can I learn to better identify gifted learners in my classroom?

One Action I Can Take

As an educator, I can make sure that I do not take the social and emotional needs of my gifted learners for granted, by continuing to encourage and support them without creating too much pressure for them.

Lashaumbe Jernigan

Geometry Facilitator at New Tech High @ Coppell