Valdese Elementary School


This week.....

  • Chart well's will have a few visitors during lunch on Monday handing out stickers.
  • United Way SPIRIT WEEK!!!!!
  • Monday - Hat Day!
  • Tuesday - Silly Sock Day!
  • Wednesday - Sports Jersey Day!
  • Thursday - Wacky Tacky Day!
  • Friday - School Spirit Day!

STAFF Please remember if you donate at least 5.00 you will receive a duty free lunch with lunch provided in November! Please give your donation to Amy Carson or Mary Hartman. Last date to contribute is October 31.

  • Discovery ED. professional development on October 24 at 3:00 in the media center REQUIRED!
  • Guest Speaker on Nov.1 is for 3-5 grade on Bulleying. More information will come please allow for about 1 hours you will need to readjust your schedule on this day. 3-5 will not have breakout instead you can use the time to review for benchmarks. You can bring them and drop them off for the assembly time. Breakout teachers will be in the gym after they finish with Kindergarten. Mrs. Herrick and I will be in the gym.
  • 3-5 Benchmarks
  • Wednesday Nov. 2 Reading
  • Thursday Nov. 3 Math
  • Friday Nov. 4 Science



Upcoming Dates......

October 23 Discovery Ed. Training 3:00 Media Center

October 23 Burke County Spelling Bee 7:00

October 25 Read to Achieve Test (4th graders)

October 25 Chess Team

October 27 STEAM for AIG

October 28 School Pictures

October 31 Pink Out Day!

November 1 Bullying Assembly for 3-5 grades 10:00 Gym

November 1 PTO 6:00 Old Rock 3/5

November 2 Reading Benchmark 4-5

November 3 Math Benchmark 3-5

November 3 Performance at the OLD Rock School 1:00

November 3 Faculty Meeting 3:00

November 4 Breakfast items for STAFF during CATS assemblies.

November 4 Science Benchmark 5

November 4 CATS assembly

November 7 Early Dismissal 11:30

November 7 12:00-7:30 Conference I have asked PTO to provide dinner for you starting at 3:30-4:30 in the cafeteria.

November 8 8:00-11:00.

November 16 Play for K-2 Snow White HMS

November 18 Valdese Speech Contest 9:00 ORS

School Goals for 2016-2017

Please focus on.......

  • Technology integration
  • Literacy and Tasks Analysis
  • Vertical Alignment/Task Analysis

MTSS/Tier Intervention Plan

Monday, Wednesday, Friday Mr. Dameron 3rd grade 8:00-8:30

Tuesday, Thursday 2nd Grade

Monday, Wednesday Friday Mrs. Schafer 4th grade

Tuesday, Thursday 1st grade

Monday, Wednesday, Friday Mrs. Nichols 5th grade

Remember to keep differentiating and using all of the resources we created last year. If you need those spreadsheets sent to you please let me know. Push these kids, please hold very high expectations for all of our students and they will rise to meet them. We will start this schedule on Monday. Please go ahead if you haven't already and get your Tier II and III meetings scheduled with Mrs. Herrick. Thanks!

THIS IS WHY WE DIFFERENTIATE!!!!!! Find something positive in each child!

New School - 3 Ways Technology Will Transform the Classroom: Goldman Sachs' Victor Hu