Independent Study

By: Justin Fang


Hi my names Justin. For this self project I did Photoshop Cs6. In Photoshop you need to know most of the tools and you need to be very patient sometimes. Down below is some of my Photoshopped pictures I did.


In this picture Waldo is in the picture in one of his pesky spots.

Waldo Photoshoped

In this picture I Photoshopped Waldo out of the picture.

Just a ordinary cat

Its simple its a cat.


This is Paxstyns' head on a cat


Here is a regular tiger.

Ghost tiger

I inverted the tigers color so it looks like a "ghost" tiger.


Again another cat.


Its the cat with a kids face. (I got the idea from Blake Brown its just opposite)


Here is another ordinary cat

kill'er cat

Its supposed to be the Killer Kitty, but I had a better one. The other one was better I had more time to make it on like this one.