Act Like You Know THTR/AAS 132

M & W 2:10 - 4:00 FALL 2017 Black Box Theater-ZAC

Course Description

This innovative course is an exciting introduction to Hip Hop theatre. Students don't just read articles and discuss Hip-Hop, they do it. This class is performance based, which means students learn acting techniques and prepare performance projects rooted in Hip-Hop. Students will learn about the foundational pillars of Hip-Hop: MCing, DJing, Graffiti writing and Breakdancing, from visiting master teaching artists. Class material will be covered in a variety of formats including live interviews, visiting speakers, music, film/video, web based content, acting techniques and performance coaching. Class culminates in a 'final show' open to Lehigh University and surrounding community.

*Instructor permission required to register on banner.
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Course is cross list with Africana Studies (AAS)


Click on the link and sign up for an audition day & time.

Don't just read about Hip Hop culture, experience it for yourself.

  • Write and perform your own words, songs, rhymes, choreography....
  • Collaborate with classmates to create original material: skits, rhymes, spoken word poetry...

  • Learn from those who know: master teaching artists who are expert practitioners and educators in the 4 pillars of Hip Hop: MCing, DJing, Breakdancing & Graffiti.
  • (Re) Discover Hip Hop as a socially conscious art form.
  • Deepen your understanding and appreciation of Hip Hop history & culture.

  • Grow in confidence presenting and performing before an audience.
  • Learn valuable performance tips & techniques.
  • Enjoy targeted voice and movement coaching designed to enhance your performance skills.


  • 6 performance projects throughout the semester present continual opportunities to take the stage and improve your performance skill set.
  • The final exam for the class is a 'Final Show' at the end of the semester, open to Lehigh University and the surrounding community.
Students prepare for upcoming Act Like You Know
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Instructor permission is required to take this course, so schedule an INTERVIEW & AUDITION.

AUDITION - No pressure, just share.

If you want to be in this course, you have to understand performance is what we do.

If the idea of an audition intimidates you to the point where you're too afraid to take the leap and try - this class may not be a good fit for you.

In your audition: you can express yourself however you like. Some ideas...

  • Spit a rhyme (yours or a rap artist)
  • Perform a song that is Hip Hop influenced in some way
  • Lip sync
  • Share original poetry
  • Sing
  • Do a dramatic monologue
  • BeatBox
  • Dance


You DO NOT have to be a Hip Hop dancer, rapper, def poet, DJ, etc. to audition well and get invited to join the course. Your willingness to TRY is the main thing that will determine the success of your audition and work in the course.

What will happen at your interview and audition

- Kashi will give you an overview & share the history of the course.
- Explain what you can expect in terms of grades and assignments.
- Conduct an interview to determine if you're a good 'fit' for the class.
- Ask you to share your audition.
- If it's agreed you are a good fit, you will be given permission to register on banner at the conclusion of the meeting.
"Course Builds Performance Muscle"

Brown and White story on the class.


Each class becomes a new generation.

Each class grows into a performance ensemble.

Each class assignment evolves into a performance piece.

Are you ready?

"Cypher" ALYK 8.0
Act Like You Know 6.0 Final Show


Email Kashi or leave a comment below.