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Darshan Driving School Melbourne!

Our Driving School in Melbourne provide special offer for automatic driving lesson and manual driving lessons. Our driving lessons prices are affordable compare to other Melbourne driving school. We provide driving lessons in Melbourne. Our driving school instructors provide driving lessons with safe and friendly way. Our driving lessons will give the required skills to get your driving licence. At one go and will obtain the safe driving skills for your life time. Our driving Instructors are very patient and calm while providing the driving lessons for the students. Our aim is to prepare our students drive as good as driving instructors. The student feels more comfortable during the driving lesson.

• Our learners become a safe and confident driver for their life time.

• Get their licence at one go.

• Gain good safe driving skills, knowledge, experience and safety in driving.

• Our Instructors work with the learners in developing and maintaining important defensive driving habits.

• We provide 7 days driving classes

• We teach the latest techniques.

• We teach about the mechanical function and potential dangers of the vehicle when the student learn to drive.

• We Provide in Latest model cars in Driving lesson.

• Provide the driving lessons on the driving test routes and ensure the learners to be more confident when hitting the driving test.

• Great discounts on Packages of 5 driving lesson and 10 driving lessons which is of 45 minutes, 60 minutes and 90 minutes.

• We Provide “First time pass Guarantee or Retest free.”

" Learn with us and feel the difference in your driving”

Contact: 1300 860 815 OR 0431 336 996

Darshan Driving School is Best driving school in Melbourne

Who care your driving lessons according to your specific requirements, skills, and time frame and their confidence level. Darshan Our is an independent driving school located in Melbourne. Our driving school is one of the friendliest and reliable and cost effective driving schools in Melbourne.

Driving a vehicle is associated with the matter of life. We want to teach it formally and thoroughly. The aim of learning driving lessons is to develop a person's skills to drive. The most important thing is how we learn the process than what we learn. A driver's license is the prevalent document of Vicroads issued as Identity proof for a person's driving skill. It is the basic requirement to have a driver's license while we are driving a vehicle. Our school helps the people to clear their evaluation very easily and receive their license. The best teachers will teach from their experience, they do not teach for the job.

We are the best and most cost effective driving school in Melbourne. We offer lessons for L & P plate drivers, hazard awareness courses, drive test assessments and more. We also offer training to drive automatic or manual cars. Whatever your needs, Our Instructors are the best choice for your lessons on learn to drive.

Our vision is to provide a most reliable driving school in Melbourne that encourage students to drive a car, take off their fear & unwillingness and guide them in a soft way.

The mission of our Lessons is to provide quality, appropriate and extensive courses to people in need.

Our Instructors are Friendly and kind training method has developed our school in the past 5 years.

Our Instructors provide pick up and drop at your home, office or agreed place for your lessons

We provide driving school lessons in Automatic and Manual dual controlled cars.

We provide Lessons in all suburbs of Melbourne

We take our students for countryside also for their licence test.

Our Instructors prepare the Learners to drive the car safely than to get the licence.

We provide Lessons all the 7 days in a week throughout the year.

Our Instructors conduct lessons on one to one basis which enables the learner student not to feel guilty when they do mistakes.