by Cynthia Kadothata

Two close Siblings

Katie had very close older sister named Lynn. Lynn told Katie that her first word was Kira-kira, which it means "glittering". They are very close to each other. Lynn mostly take care of Katie more then her parents.
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After moving Iowa to Georgia. Katie had trouble time in school while Lynn who is very smart and had good time in school. Katie and Lynn are opposites because katie always gets Ds and Fs and Lynn gets straight As. And also Lynn is very girly and Katie isn't. But the main problem is that Lynn got very ill and the family break down, problems starting to happen.

3 Rules the family does not consider

The three rules are hitting, stealing, and lying. Katie committed those three rules by hitting Lynn's "best friend" because she dropped Lynn down, by stealing nail polish what Lynn ever wanted, and lying to the teacher that she was sick but she was acually playing hooky so she could be closer with Lynn.
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Cynthia Kadothata

Author of the book. She also made a book of Weedflower.