Mobile apps for the k-12 classroom.

A selection of 5 apps useful in the classroom

Google Drive

Google drive is a google based online storage system that allows for teachers to upload things such as worksheets and power points for students to open on their own device. It also allows for the creation of collaborative work through different devices for students to work in groups on the project.


Notability is a note taking app that allows for students to write down notes on blank pages or on pdfs provided to google drive by the teacher. It also has an automatic backup system so notes and work can never be lost.


Duolingo is a language learning app that utilizes games and activities to teach languages. In the classroom the teacher can have students do activities on their mobile device and then have the teacher assist them as needed.

Google Classroom

Google classroom is another app created by google that is intended to help students and teachers connect with each other. It allows for students to see when their assignments are due as well as discuss school topics with one another in a controlled environment that can be monitored by the teacher.

Explain Everything

Explain everything is a collaborative whiteboard app that allows for students and the teacher to all draw on one board for collaboration on ideas and interaction in the classroom.