IR Spray

Our pre-fix spray is out of this world!

Make objects irregular and irreal!

IR Spray is a regular looking spray bottle with a certain tab included on it for instructions. Also included on it is our logo and on one limited bottle, a ticket for a free bottle of IR Spray! The striking colorful label is hard to miss! Pick one up in the cleanser isle at your local Target!

Change anything you want into an irregular and irreal product!

Some of the possibilities with the spray:

"Truly the perfect imperfection!" ~Times Magazine~

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the spray work?

Well, the bottle works like a regular spray bottle. All you have to do is get the 2 objects near each other, and spray!

Does the spray harm organisms?

Not at all. The spray simply just combines certain parts of each object/organism to make the new combination the best it can be!

Can you combine a combination with another object/organism?

Yes you can! It takes the same steps as just a regular combination.

Our outcomes are anything but mundane!

Nikki Minaj says:

"This spray is the best spray to make objects irregular and irreal! I use it on a daily basis to make odd pieces for music videos and concerts! My concerts used to be so dull before I used the IR Spray, no one even showed up! Though, when I pulled out my combination, it surely did bring the people!"

Having to do a genetic mutation done just takes too long!

Not anymore with our spray!

"This product is truly one of a kind. Children will surely love combining their toys and scientists will love having better research!"

~People Magazine~

Order today!

We ship world wide for only $5 (If not buying at Target)

Purchase our spray today for only $3,000,500.01!

^^^ Watch our spray in action! ^^^

The origins of the IR Spray:

In 1859 members of the mutation commitie had a convention to find a new way to combine two things into one. Sadly, all inventions didn't work and were trashed. Until 1973 no one had come up with an easier way to combine two things into one. Though, on March 30, 1973 one idea stood out from them all. The small buisiness of only two people, Ally Culver, and Bob Jones, had come up with an idea of a spray to mutate an animal or an object. At the convention held in Dallas, Texas they're spray proved to be the only one that worked. To prove it, they had to combine a rabbit with a catipillar. The crowd was amazed with the spray, and today the company still lives, but now with over 100 people within it.