Thomas Huling

Founder of Global Technology, LLC

Thomas Huling

Thomas Huling is the Director and Founder of World Holding Group LLC. The World Holding Group, a U.S. Holding Company, was established by Thomas Huling in 2010 to provide his financial management team the opportunity to manage multiple technology corporations to success. Thomas Huling provides expert financial leadership and expertise to the World Holding Group, which manages multiple corporations and investment strategies.

Thomas Huling

As the Director and Founder of Global Investment Company, Thomas Huling is responsible for the creation of the Global Investment Fund. The Fund, or GIF, is a safe and profitable investment strategy that Thomas Huling has built through the development of multiple multi-national financial relationships, which are crucial towards GIF’s success. Thomas Huling is an experienced and knowledgeable financial professional.
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Thomas Huling: An American Success Story

Thomas Huling has more than twenty-seven years of experience in the finance industry. He is an entrepreneur who has established and run many successful companies during the course of his career.

Thomas Huling is, in many ways, an American success story. He began his career as the Founder, President, and General Contractor of the Multi-State Development company, a Rhode Island firm. Thomas Huling was involved in all phases of commercial, sub-division, residential, and hotel projects. He drew on his excellent inter-personal skills to guide Multi-State Development to great success during the ten years he was associated with it.

With Multi-State Development, Thomas Huling was deeply involved in the company’s day-to-day operations. He reviewed and authorized blueprints and site development plans, prepared cost breakouts and budget reports for an approval process, set construction logs on a daily basis, synchronized field activities, and supervised a crew of as many as thirty master carpenters and general laborers. Thomas Huling also estimated projects by coordinating with various contractors.

The experience with Multi-State Development was invaluable to Thomas Huling and his own professional growth. “My responsibilities within my corporations,” he says, “have always encompassed the preparation, negotiations and executions of contracts, financing procurement, fiscal projections, establishing of budgets, manpower scheduling, project staffing, and selections of various consultants.”

Today, Thomas Huling is the Director and/or Managing Member of four companies he has founded in the last four years. These include Global Investment Company, SA, Global Technology LLC World Holding Group, LLC, and most recently, Global MedInvent LLC, the last of which was established in January 2014. He also founded Multi-State Mortgage, Inc, and was the Director of Pro-One AG, a technology development firm based in Liechtenstein.

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Thomas Huling: Exciting Times

Thomas Huling has founded and directed many companies during the course of a nearly three decades long career in finance. He currently directs four corporations that he founded, including Global Technology LLC, a Rhode Island based firm.

Global Technology, or G-Tech, is a United States-based technology development corporation. Thomas Huling says that he founded G-Tech to bring a highly advanced engine technology to the United States. He says he plans to establish production facilities and strategically market G-Tech products for the benefit of consumers. “G-Tech has procured a U.S. patent filing with the United States Patent and Trademark Office,” Thomas Huling says. “G-Tech has appropriated the necessary funding through my alliances with major investment groups, and is moving into the next phase of production.”

This is an exciting time for Thomas Huling and everyone else at Global Technology, LLC. G-Tech, he says, is “focusing on our patented technology for reducing C02 emissions, and reducing fuel consumption in combustion engines utilizing a conversion kit comprised of specialized components and add-ons that are worked into the basic framework design for conventional internal combustion engines in the marine and automotive sectors.”

Global Technology LLC’s management team and strategic partners, says Thomas Huling, are highly qualified, and well-equipped to bring the company’s technology to the United States market. He says the G-Tech technology has been in a European prototype since 1998, and has been fully operational during that time. He says it is easily convertible to both gas and diesel engines in marine vehicles, passenger cares, trucks, jeeps, and so on.

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Thomas Huling: A Wealth of Experience

Thomas Huling is the founder and director of Global Investment Company, S.A., a Public Limited Company that was established in 2010 and is registered in Luxembourg.

Global Investment Company owns and manages a Securitization Fund called “Global Invest Fund,” or GIF, which offers a secured investment opportunity by buying and selling Investment Grade Notes to a pool of pre-approved Exit Buyers. “Access to this investment strategy requires multi-national financial relationships that I have developed over time,” Thomas Huling says. “These relationships, which are proprietary, are critical to GIF’s investment strategy and success.”

Thomas Huling says that Global Investment Company, S.A., along with its strategic financial group in Switzerland, will facilitate the negotiation and structure of Investment Grade Notes that can be customized to suit investor requirements.

Thomas Huling provides a wealth of experience in structuring various private investment transactions for clients with non-cash assets, allowing access to multi-million dollar investment technology projects. The Global Investment Company Securitization Fund, he says, has an easy-to-understand procedural outline with a secured structure offering minimal risk within the fund.

Thomas Huling has nearly three decades of experience in finance. He began his career in real estate in 1985 as a licensed commercial and residential General Contractor in Providence, Rhode Island. In the years since, he has had leadership positions in many prosperous companies, which he has established and developed from the ground up. Thomas Huling is an experienced entrepreneur who has worked directly with many major partners and investors.

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Some Beginner Information On Investments, With Thomas Huling

When it comes to the world of investing, there are many important areas that concern both potential/opportunity, as well as actively invested financial backers / assets, according to Thomas Huling.

There are a wide-range of products that investors may invest in however, with any investment, certain unknowns are involved. Thomas Huling is the Founder and Director of Global Investment Company, S.A.

Investments can be made in a variety of ways for a vast-range of investments, according to Thomas Huling. In the world of investments, many offers of high returns and minimal risk are often promised, however, in every case, the basic nature of the transaction is inherently inclusive of risk, says Thomas Huling.

If you are new to the financial world of investing or are simply curious about the basics of the practice, Thomas Huling says that above all, in the realm of investing, heeding 'common sense' principles is a key.

Investing is an area within the financial industry that involves a variety of players, including investors; those overseeing the procurement of investment capital; and other 'stakeholders'. Thomas Huling is the Director of a wide-range of investment related matters at Global Investment Company, of which he is the Founder and Director.

Large investments are often facilitated within a framework that includes a number of entities and individuals. According to Thomas Huling, often, depending on the magnitude of an investment, a varying degree of participation is had in the implementation of many investment processes in varying stages.

Investing can be an excellent way to generate value to entities that are invested in a broad-array of investments.
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Thomas Huling: Business Leadership

Thomas Huling has over two and a half decades of professional business leadership, He has served as the founder, director and leader of multiple Real Estate, Mortgage and Financial Investment firms over the last 27 years, and has developed a skill for cultivating lasting and mutually-beneficial business relationships.

Thomas Huling began his career as the President and Founder of the Rhode Island based Multi-State Development general contracting firm. As the leader of Multi-State Development, Thomas Huling was involved in every phase of many hotel, residential, sub-division and commercial projects. He managed and supervised a team of over 30 workers and was responsible for blueprint authorization and budget organization. Thomas Huling spent over 10 years as the head of Multi-State Development, Inc.

He then moved on to become the President and Founder of Multi State Mortgage, Inc., a mortgage brokerage firm that delivered quality mortgages to customers throughout many states in the New England area. Possessing mortgage licenses in multiple states, Thomas Huling consistently exceeded sales goals and customer expectations as the leader of Multi State Mortgage.

Thomas Huling then became interested in technology product development, and became the Director of Pro-One AG in 2009. As the leader of Pro-One AG, he was instrumental in securing the funding and success of an engineering project that focused on the reduction of carbon emissions in combustion engines. Thomas Huling’s success with Pro-One AG led him to a successful career in financial investment strategy. Currently the head of four major investment groups, Thomas Huling continues to provide a wealth of professional business experience and relationships to his clients.

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Thomas Huling: Investment Strategist Expert

As an expert in investment strategy and the founder of multiple major investment opportunities, Thomas Huling has proven to be a strong investment industry leader. He has constructed many profitable investment opportunities that spark invention and innovation in the technology industry.

Thomas Huling is the Founder of World Holding Group, Global Technology, Global MedInvent and Global Investment Company, SA. Under his skilled leadership, each investment strategy continues to support innovations in technology, as well as the development of better and more efficient products for the United States consumer market. Thomas Huling provides investors a wealth of experience in the structuring of private investment transactions, and offers people the opportunity to make investments that continually reap profitable rewards.

As an expert in investment strategy and structuring, Thomas Huling has established himself as one the best in the investment industry. He is a Certified Financial Advisor who directs potential investors towards safe and proven investment strategies. Thomas Huling continues to provide experience and expertise to a variety of investors, and he hopes to maintain a continually high rate of return through his multiple investment groups.

Thomas Huling provides investors access to multi-million dollar technology investment projects to continue to develop better and more efficient commercial and consumer products. He provides expert investment advisement that is built is many years of investment strategy experience. Thomas Huling understands how to produce results for investors, and he continues to offer a variety of investment opportunities to anyone seeking a profitable investment strategy. He is an expert financial guide and investment strategist.

Education Important to Thomas Huling

Thomas Huling is a businessman with a variety of different successful business ventures. He has personally founded six corporations, four of which are still under his personal management. To succeed in these ambitious ventures, Thomas Huling found education to be invaluable.

Thomas Huling's areas of expertise rang from real estate to technology to corporate investment. To work in real estate, Thomas Huling had to be certified. He didn't only become certified in his home state of Rhode Island. Thomas Huling didn't want his opportunities as a businessman to be contained in only one place. He therefore obtained Commercial and Residential Mortgage Brokerage licenses in many states on the East Coast, including Massachusetts, Connecticut, Florida, Maine, and Vermont.

To succeed in his work in the finance industry, Thomas Huling had to be similarly certified. He received certification through unregulated financial courses. This certification gave him the confidence take his finance and investment work abroad.

Thomas Huling advises prospective entrepreneurs to not balk at the work involved in getting properly certified in their fields of interest. To be successful, one must have not only ambition and drive but knowledge. In most fields, some kind of education or certification is required to break in. Even in fields where this is not required, Thomas Huling points out that potential partners and investors are much more likely to want to work with someone who is educated in the area than someone who is not.

Thomas Huling cites education as one of the most important aspects of his success.

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Thomas Huling's Advice for New Entrepreneurs

Starting out as an entrepreneur can seem quite daunting. However, all successful entrepreneurs were once beginners. Thomas Huling is a successful businessman who currently runs multiple corporations that he founded, both abroad and at home. He gives this advice to those just starting out as entrepreneurs:

· Decide on your industry. Thomas Huling has corporations in multiple industries. However, when you're first starting out, it's best to focus on one area. What are your interests and passions? Is there an area where you already have some education, experience, or certification?

Every entrepreneur has a first venture. It's important to pick something that will hold your interest and has a good chance of being profitable.

· Get educated. Choosing an area in which you already have an education tends to be easier.

However, it’s never too late to become educated or certified in your industry of interest.

Education can be expensive, but just as often there are more affordable ways to learn the skills you need. Loans are also an option. After your venture is successful, paying off your loans will be no problem.

· Seek advice. Whether from the school or person you're learning your needed skills, as a new entrepreneur it is of the utmost importance to get advice on how to proceed. It's easy to make a mistake and lose your starting cash. Getting advice from someone more experienced is a great protection against this.

· Network. Thomas Huling has worked with some of the highest rated finance companies in his businesses. Networking can help you gain investors, learn, and break into a field. Who you know can be as important as what you know.

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Tips for Leaders

Many young business executives enter a leadership position without knowing how to lead. There are others who are working out the kinks in their leadership abilities. To all groups who want to learn more about leadership, Thomas Huling offers advice. An experienced leader himself, Huling has founded a plethora of businesses in a variety of industries and found success with all of them. His strong leadership skills took time to learn, but once he did, Thomas Huling was able to lead his team to efficiency and accomplishment.

Thomas Huling believes that maintaining eye contact is crucial in leadership. When interacting with an employee, giving eye contact communicates respect and confidence. Those who do not give eye contact often feel as if they are inadequate for the positions, whether because their lack of experience or youth. However, confidence is seen in the eyes. Focusing either in the spot between their eyes, just above or just below in order to help concentrate on the speaker. Thomas Huling knows that it may feel uncomfortable at first for some. However, the benefits exceed the momentary awkwardness.

Many leaders raise their voice to establish dominance. Thomas Huling believes that speaking in a consistently even conversational tone is better. Raising the volume of the tone of voice may come off as bossy and unapproachable. This approach can often make employees anxious when their leader comes around. Speaking too softly can come off in the opposite light, that there is a lack of confidence and employees could walk all over the leader. A firm yet respectable conversational tone is perfect for a leader to convey his or her message according to Thomas Huling.

The Early Career of Thomas Huling

In Providence, Rhone Island, Thomas Huling was a residential general contractor. In 1985, he established his career in real estate and financing. He also gained a financial certification throughout unregulated financial courses. Soon Thomas Huling obtained Commercial and Residential Mortgage Brokerage Licenses for the states of Massachusetts, Connecticut, Florida, Maine, and Vermont. The entrepreneur who eventually established a plethora of business ventures throughout several industries has a storied and illustrious career that spans over twenty-seven years.

Throughout diligent work and dedication, Thomas Huling established himself as a profitable businessman wherever he went. It was in real estate that his career first got a boost when he started a contracting company. As President of the company, Thomas Huling also was the general contractor overviewing all plans and execution of those plans by the carpenters and laborers.

Thomas Huling was doing well for himself in the real estate world and decided to look for more ways to provide services to clients in the industry. Thus, he founded a mortgage business. Through the company, he was able to offer mortgaging services continually throughout the greater New England area. The company was just the right size to give the personal fervor of a small company while offer the connections and experience of a large company. Throughout the nearly thirty years of Thomas Huling’s storied career, he has found success in every avenue he has taken, establishing himself as a great entrepreneur in America today. Huling does not look to stop but to only continue the success he has had in various industries.

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Leadership Values

A leader can be anyone on the team who has a particular talent or who is creatively thinking out of the box and has a great idea. Sometimes it’s someone who has experience in a certain aspect of the business or project that can prove useful to the manager and the team. A leader leads based on strengths, not titles.

Leadership is less about your personal needs, and more about the needs of the people and the team you are leading. Leadership styles are not something to be tried on like so many suits, to see which fits. Rather, they should be adapted to the particular demands of the situation, the particular requirements of the people involved and the particular challenges facing the organization.

Leader and Manager are two entirely different roles but justifiably can be the same person or be interchanged. Managers are facilitators of their team members’ success. They ensure that their people have everything they need to be productive and successful. Their role is t make sure their staff is well trained, happy and have minimal roadblocks in their path. A manager develops his team and makes sure members are being groomed for the next level. They also ensure that they are recognized for great performance and coached through their challenges.

Thomas Huling defines leadership as ownership. As a founder and director of multiple corporations, Thomas knows what it takes to be a leader. Huling can manage his ventures with proper delegation and management. Thomas teams up with major investors to ensure corporate success and to ensure the vision of this company is carried out. He understands the importance of his partnerships and how they translate to success.

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Communicating with Employees

Communication in the Workplace is vital to success. It is important that you understand methods of effective employee communication. In order to do so, you must take stock of where you fall on the communication spectrum.

The best way to facilitate and capture information is to get employee feedback on a regular basis. This can be done through 1 on 1 weekly meetings. Management comes with unique challenges and sometimes you have to give negative feedback and constructive criticism. Take the time to discover strategies for this essential aspect of manager-employee communication that will show staff members you care not only about the integrity of the workplace but also about them. Communication needs to be a priority for managers, even when the news is difficult. Learn the best way to communicate the good and the bad.

If your culture breeds transparency then there should be no secrets. However, every business has its speculative moments where people who don’t have the right information will begin to spread misunderstood rumors. These can be addressed with very straightforward processes and transparent discussion. Hold weekly meetings, regular 1 on 1 meetings and monthly company updates.

According to Thomas Huling, he has situated himself and his business endeavors so that clients receive the expertise often found in only the largest corporations with the attention and customer service only found in smaller businesses. This combination paired with his rock solid listening skills sets him apart from others in the financial world. His communication is always clear and his trusty team is standing right behind ready to get the job done.

Thomas Huling - General Contractors

A general contractor is the person who oversees an entire building project. He or she is most often hired for home construction, but they are also involved in remodeling projects and additions. General contractors have a broad skillset with knowledge about plumbing and electrical systems, engineering, and such detail work as doors, fixtures, and water. They are the people who oversee the subcontractors doing the actual work, to make sure that the project is going as it is supposed to.

After a general contractor has been chosen for a home building project it is up to him or her to take charge of the project. It's okay for the homeowner to ask questions and to visit the job site, but for the most part they need to stay out of the way and let the general contractor do the job he was hired to do. It's the homeowners place to make the big decisions but the general contractor is the one who sees to the daily operations.

The best way to find a general contractor is to get recommendations from previous clients. You should never hire a general contractor who wants an up-front payment, or to be paid in cash. The architect who designed the home is also a good source for general contractor recommendations, and may even have a set of them he or she has worked with successfully in the past. It's a big decision, of course, and it should not be made in haste. Narrow down a list of possibilities and conduct interviews before making a final decision. The outcome of your project may hang in the balance.

Thomas Huling
started his career as a general contractor in Rhode Island in 1985, where he founded his first company, Multi-State Development, Inc.

Thomas Huling - Financial Professionals

A financial professional is a person who provides assistance on many different financial issues. It may be as simple as evaluating a client's insurance needs, or helping the client grow their assets. But having a strong working relationship with a financial professional is a powerful asset for any investor.

Financial professionals know that they key to realizing long-term financial goals is in the planning. Different people have different goals: it may be funding a child's college education, protecting the family finances, or setting up a viable retirement plan; or it could be a combination of all these things. Whatever the goals are they won't happen without a plan. It's important to know what the goals are and then develop a strategy to help realize it.

Most of us don't have the skills to do that on our own. And that is where the financial professional comes in. A typical financial professional, such as an insurance agent, can provide a wide range of services, starting out with reviewing an individual situation and personal objective and analyzing and reviewing the client's needs. Financial professionals can help to prioritize these objectives and build them into a long-term plan with benchmark goals.

Financial professionals can take the information that the client provides them with and turn them into specific recommendation. They can also act as long-term advisors as the client's needs and situations develop and change over time. Any good strategy is going to require adjusting from time to time.

Thomas Huling is a career financial professional who has been a mortgage broker and is a Certified Financial Advisor. He is also an entrepreneur who has founded and directed numerous companies.

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