September 29th

Get your P.A.W.S. on!

Must Dos

  • Lexia (20 mins)
  • Aleks (20 mins)
  • My Math Lesson 1 and Independent Practice. (In your book) Watch this video
  • Main Idea and Supporting Details assignment in Google Classroom

May Dos

  • Read Student Blogs- Blog about your Plans.
  • Online Bookshelf (don't forget to record your reading in your google form)
  • Memorize our Class Mission Statement (Google Classroom)

Genius Hour Blog

Go to Kid Blog and answer these planning questions.

  1. Give your project a title.
  2. Mission Statement: Write a statement that describes the project and its purpose.
  3. Resources: If this is a learning project record down specific resources you will use to pursue your learning. If this is a creative project record the names of specific references you will use along the way for examples and guidance.
  4. Product: Explain how you will publish or present your results to the world. It could be documenting your progress in videos, creating a website, publishing about it on your blog (which we will all do), creating model, hard and electronic guide for others, etc. The sky is the limit, but you must create a product, and you will share it in a 6-8 minute Ted Talks-like presentation for your peers. The point is that you have to get it out there and let the world know what you have done. Celebrate it and learn from your experience.

Sign up with Google: Our Class code is s9u3549