Myers Moment

August 4th Edition

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Happy First Month of School

Thank you for your hard work and dedication to our students. I appreciate each and every one of you. King of Pops will be here during dismissal today ( Friday, 9/4) with a sweet treat for everyone has you leave for your long weekend. Get your treat on the bus ramp. Happy First Month from the A-team.

Support Services in the Classroom

We will begin support services in the classroom on Wednesday, September 9th. ESOL, EIP, and Gifted teachers will receive schedules via e-mail by Monday. On Tuesday, September 8th support teachers will communicate and touch base with the classroom teachers they serve.

Mighty Minds

The Mighty Minds support was sent out in an email by Ms. Harper. We will begin Mighty Minds on Tuesday, September 8th. Each day our Nesbit Mighty Minds time is 8:30-9:00 am.

Imagine Learning and Arrival Times

3rd, 4th, and 5th grade EL students will be receiving extra language development support each morning for 30 minutes. Research shows this will increase their language proficiency by 65% after 20 hours of instruction. Students will report to the computer lab as soon as they get off the bus at 7:40. They will complete their Imagine Learning session and get their breakfast as they are leaving the lab. Imagine Learning students will be in the labs from 7:40 until 8:15.

Students entering the building at 7:40 each day. Teacher arrival time is 7:30. Please be ready to receive student at 7:40 each day. Those who have duty please be at your duty station by 7:40.

Staffing Update

We will do our final count on Tuesday, 9/8. I will share the numbers with you on Tuesday afternoon via e-mail. If you still would like to volunteer to be displaced please see me before the end of the day today. Ms. Fancher and I have the forms.

Mustang Staff Member of the Week

The Mustang Staff Member of the Week will begin after labor day. You can nominate your colleagues to be the staff member of the week. There will be a box in the mail room with nomination sheets that state the person's name and why they should be the staff member of the week. Ms. Fancher will draw a name out of the box weekly by Thursday afternoon at 3:00. That person will be on the Friday morning announcements and will receive the a special parking space. Go forth and nominate :)

Dates to Remember

Friday, 9/4

  • Emergency Substitute plans due
  • King of Pops treat on bus ramp at dismissal

Monday. 9/7

  • Labor Day

Tuesday, 9/8

  • Mighty Minds
  • Faculty Meeting and Teacher of the Year Celebration - 3:15-4:30

Wednesday, 9/9

  • All services to students begin ( EL, EIP, Coaching, and Gifted)
  • Literacy NIT during planning

Thursday, 9/10

  • Math NIT during planning
  • Grades due for progress reports

Friday, 9/11

  • Progress Reports go home
  • School wide data due (profile sheets) - an e-mail will be forthcoming

Watch Out for the Bear

Watch Out for the Bear by Jacki Sellmansberger

Literally, I mean! If you pass me in the hall and I happen to have my phone in my hand, ask to see a picture of the BEAR that came to live in my son, Bo’s, backyard two weeks ago. Of course many of you know he lives in Jackson Hole, WY. I have been praying every day for their safety! Can you imagine having to take bear spray and a gun as you load your baby in the car each day? Quite different from my early morning walk to the car!

But here’s my thought today…each of us has those “unexpected bears” show up in our lives! All of us have at Nesbit this week, in a way. So what do we do? As my son did, we take the necessary steps to deal with the reality of our situation. Saying it ain’t so, won’t make it go away! And tomorrow, we will be okay!

Tuesday there will be Panera’s bagels for several teams who got their Sunshine dues paid by Friday! YUM! A note of joy and a bit of sadness this week…We rejoice with Staci Herring (2nd) on the arrival of her son, Paxton, 7lbs. 8 oz. And we offer our prayers to Anna Reeps (SpEd) in the loss of her grandfather. Also, remember Kim Pozarelli (SpEd) as she recuperates from a broken leg.

Learning to Dance in the Rain

Learning to Dance in the Rain

The has been a difficult week for me. I am saddened that we did not meet enrollment and some of our Nesbit family have to move to other schools. I think to myself, "How can I tell people who have been here for years that they have to leave, and I have only been here a few weeks". Although this has been tough, I am still grateful. Grateful for the smiling faces on the students that I greet in the hallways. Grateful to be a leader at Nesbit Elementary. Grateful for each and every one of you. It is important to be grateful no matter what life brings. I am learning how to dance in the rain.