Ms. Meyers Technology Class

Lineville Intermediate School


This app lets you create your own movie trailer, from a movie that you created! ( iMovie) It features text, photo, and video. You also get to create your own credits at the end. The app gives you twelve different themes to chose from, the themes are the music and text style that will be shown in your iTrailer.


This is the actual movie that you are creating. It lets you film one big video for your movie, or a bunch of little ones! You can record your voice on a picture and a video instead of it being quiet. If you record on a video, the noise in the video will be quieter so you can hear the recording better.\

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is an app that lets you create your own slideshow on a topic of your choice. It features a wide variety of pictures you can chose from. This application also lets you put on pie charts or bullet points and one or all slides.

Explain Everything

Explain Everything is an online white board that lets you do virtually anything! Voice record, laser pointer, draw, text shapes, and slides. It has everything that you could ever want for a presentation! You can chose from a theme, which is your back round and your three starter colors. Explain Everything features a color wheel, so you can chose any color to draw with!

Go Animate

Go Animate is a simple application that lets you create your own mini movie with animated characters that you design. you get a theme to start with, which is what kind of people and props you want. There are many kinds, like stick people, animated, and any other kind you can think of! This also has thousands of fun props and actions to chose from.